Conscious crystals: the ethics behind gemstones and crystals

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Humans have been attracted to crystals since the dawn of time, not only for their brightness and brilliance, but also for their metaphysical properties.

Colleen McCann, shaman and author of Crystal Rx shares the fact that gemstones and stones have been used in many ancient civilizations around the world for their magical and mystical properties.

In ancient Egypt, they used crystal pigmented cosmetics that they believed provided strength and protection. In China, they used crystal-tipped acupuncture needles to aid healing, and in Greece, soldiers rubbed hematite on their bodies before a battle to strengthen their strength.

Even today, we are attracted to crystals not only because they sparkle, but because at a deeper level, our bodies resonate with their structure. Whether we are aware of it or not, crystals activate us, heal us and help to intensify our energy field.

But like some things in life, there is a dark side to the world of crystals, which relates to how they are extracted and obtained, and the potentially harmful effect it can have on the environment and on the miners themselves.

Ethical crystals and stones

When we enter our local crystal store, most of us don’t stop to think about where all the crystals come from and whether they have been marketed fairly or ethically extracted.

Crystals are energetic and have the ability to hold and store information from the world around them, making it even more important to ensure that they are collected and collected consciously.

As Colleen writes in Crystal Rx, “You want stones of ethical origin and those with the most positive, clean and clear energies possible. Knowing the lineage of a crystal is a bit like knowing where your meat or eggs come from. Free course and from farm to table, right? “

To do this, Colleen suggests talking with the owner of the crystal store you are visiting and talking to them about where they are sourcing stones.

You can also do your research online beforehand and search for companies that offer ethical and conscious options.

Although stones of ethical origin are definitely the way to go, when we begin to think about crystals and the fact that they are extracted from Mother Earth, it may be natural to ask whether it is right to do so.

Crystals and their transformational energy

When we think of a crystal, we don’t necessarily consider it a living thing, but those who have worked a lot with crystals know that they carry their own level of intelligence, almost as if they had their own personality.

Like Colleen sharing, “crystals are structured to respond to the different energies that surround them by oscillating and emitting specific vibrational frequencies.”

It seems that crystals have the ability to interact with our world and our DNA more than we think and although there is more information about it in Crystal Rx, it seems that crystals want to help facilitate the healing of humanity.

On a personal level, I think digging up crystals is like digging up vegetables or cutting flowers. These are precious resources given to us by Mother Earth and as long as we consciously collect them and respect where they come from, they are there to be used and appreciated by us.

Just as vegetables provide our physical body with nutrition and healing when we eat them, crystals provide spiritual nutrition and healing when we interact with them.

This interaction can include everything from putting crystals on your body, eating them, holding them, meditating in front of them or wearing them.

Crystals have been found because they want to be found, and as long as we treat them with respect and choose to support conscious companies that sell gems and stones of ethical origin, we can feel good working with them.

It is also important to remember that even if we can buy a crystal, they are really the property of Mother Earth and once we have finished working with their energy, it is our duty to return them to earth or pass them on so they can heal and help others.

Crystals possess wisdom and powerful healing properties that can be unlocked when we interact with them, care and treat them with respect.

If you can speak English and want to explore the realm of crystals further and learn how to use crystals consciously and as powerful healing tools, I highly recommend Colleen Crystal Rx’s book as a guide. It contains everything you need to know about crystal work, as well as reloading rituals and healing techniques.

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