"I will love you up" according to every sign of the zodiac

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Aries: Until you betrayed me!

Like those born under the sign of Mars, the god of Roman war, an Aries is always ready for battle. It is better to give the impression that they must continue to fight for you.

Taurus: Until you break my heart

They are sensitive to pain but can be as strong as steel if faced with an enemy. Be kind to them and they will accept your advice.

Gemini: Until you tried to outwit me

They are scoundists and it is not wise to try to beat them at their own game. If they realize you’re doing this, there’s no way to save your relationship.

Cancer: Until you abandoned me

They appreciate their relationships and have their other halves. But once you lose their respect, you will also lose their love for good.

Lion: Until you make me look like a fool

They value their place in society and are constantly seeking approval. Never minimize their insecurities and they will love you, their flaws and everything.

Virgo: Until you start lying

They are honest about fault and have exceptional observational abilities. Above all, they appreciate honesty and a lie is enough to lose them.

Libra: Until you harmed my peace

As peacekeepers, you can always trust them to resolve any disagreement. They’re committed to relationships as long as you don’t get involved in their affairs.

Scorpio: Until you start hiding secrets from me

They can face the truth that you throw at them as long as you don’t hide anything from them. Be open and honest and they will love you forever.

Sagittarius: Until you don’t bring me any more hope

They quickly get angry if they feel like you’re losing hope. Support their dreams and goals if you want them to stay with you.

Capricorn: Until you gave up

Capricorns are ready to make things work until the other person has completely given up everything. They must be able to admire people to love them.

Aquarius: Until you looked like everyone else

They are ready to embrace all the little eccentricities and quirks of their lovers. But they leave quickly if they find you boring and conventional.

Fish: Until you make me stop dreaming

They may seem distant, but in reality, they are just a little lost in their minds as they look for something to inspire them. Give them this and they will never leave you.

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