How to protect your energy when you feel very sensitive

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Whenever you go through a period of change or whenever there are many planetary changes, it is natural to feel very sensitive. If you are already very sensitive or an empathetic, this can give you a feeling of being crushed by where you are.

If you feel anxious with others or submerged in public places for no apparent reason, you are likely to recover every piece of energy from those around you. It's not fun and can make you feel very exhausted and overwhelmed with emotions.

While viewing yourself in a white light is one of the best and fastest ways to protect your energy, here are some other action-based steps you can take when you feel very sensitive.

1. Keep in mind who you want to spend time with

When you feel very sensitive, it is very important to get used to saying no to people or situations that will deplete your energy or make you feel even more overwhelmed.

Maybe when you feel at the top of your well-being, you can handle anything and anyone, but at other times you have to be ready to say no and really think consciously about the person with whom you choose to spend your time.

In this case, taking care of yourself is not putting yourself in situations or surrounding yourself with people who will make you feel more overwhelmed or more emotional.

2. Protect your heart chakra

Your heart chakra is where we make meaningful connections with others. When you feel very sensitive or emotional, this can unbalance the energy of your heart chakra. This is something that usually corrects itself over time, but protecting your heart chakra is a great way to support yourself in the meantime.

To protect your heart chakra, consider wearing a necklace that reaches the center of your heart with some kind of protective stone, crystal or amulet. The most important thing is that the necklace makes sense to you.

Before wearing the necklace, hold the pendant in your hands and intend it to protect you, help you keep your heart open to good and eliminate any negative energy that doesn't belong to you.

3. Go out into the wild

Living in a busy city or being in a stressful environment can deplete your energy, especially when you feel very sensitive.

To counter this, going out into nature is the perfect remedy. Try to go somewhere peaceful and quiet, so you can really soak up the wonderful energy of nature.

Nature has a very balancing effect on the human mind, which is why it is so powerful. Make sure you really open up your senses and immerse yourself in the experience.

If you don't have a lot of time and want a quick boost, find a tree and place your hands on its trunk. As you touch the tree, close your eyes and ask Mother Nature to replenish and repair your energy. Thank the tree and Mother Nature once you're done.

4. Recite a mantra or hum a tune

When you're in public and you suddenly feel overwhelmed with energy or a little anxious, the best way to distract yourself is to recite a mantra or hum a tune on your favorite song.

This is simple and easy to do, and will help direct your energy inwards rather than outwards like a magnet.

Here are some mantra suggestions you can use:

  • "I'm strong and confident."
  • "I am protected. I'm safe. I attract nothing but joy. »
  • "I feel clear. I feel light. Everything's fine."
  • "I am at peace. Everything is perfect. I'm fine, I'm fine. »
  • "I'm safe. A shield of white light protects me. »

These suggestions are simple, but can help you feel a little safer and centered when you are in a very sensitive space.

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