The energy field of the spiritual aura

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What is an aura?

The word aura is of Greek origin and means air or breeze (which emanates from the body). Our aura is connected to the subtle body and surrounds us exactly like a force field.

Our aura contains information about our past, our present and our future. He is entangled with our external and inner emotions, spiritually and physically. People know that they are attracted to certain colors and repulsed by others and that these emotions and feelings we have are directly related to our aura.

The aura is made up of two different types of energy. The first is electromagnetic energy, which is released by all matter. The other is given by the spiritual life forces, which are produced by the energetic centers of the spiritual chakras. Seeing the aura, the aura can be seen in many different colors depending on what we do.

How do I see a person’s aura?

There are different ways of seeing the aura. Some may start by seeing the aura as a milky white around the person’s head and sometimes around the shoulders and body. Others may first begin to see the aura as a thin white line near the body. It can also be seen in many colours, either as stripes of colour or in more speckled colour formations. Some may see the aura as a clear energy, which looks a lot like a mist of undulating heat coming out of a hot road.

Meaning of aura colors

Auras almost always emit a combination of light and colour and are rarely a single color. All the visible nuances in the aura are a reflection of your emotional and physical state. For example, if your aura is largely bright yellow, it indicates that you feel very energetic and spiritually alive. On the other hand, if you have a cloudy or muddy red aura, it may indicate that you are suffering from anger buried deep inside you.

The colors and brightness of your aura are an indication or reflection of what is going on in your life. They believe that those who are struggling with misfortune and lack of energy tend to have dull auras. On the other hand, a self-confident and positive person will generally have a light and bright aura that the people with whom he or she comes into contact can feel, even if they cannot really see it.

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