The stones and crystals of the Zodiac signs

cristaux signes du zodiaque
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Crystals linked to zodiac signs can be used to connect to positive features related to the corresponding astrological signs – and prevent less positive qualities from gaining the upper hand on your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Are you an Aries? Virgin? Scorpio? Whatever your astrological sign, there are crystals that can benefit your life.

Crystals of the sign of the zodiac Aquarius

If you are an Aquarius (born between January 20 and February 18), chances are you’re popular and have a little rebellious side. There are many other common traits. This includes curiosity, an imaginative mind, a brutally honest personality and a tendency to detach oneself from emotional situations. Crystals are a wonderful way to balance some of the most difficult or problematic characteristics. For example, purple or metallic-finished stones tend to work well. Amethyst (balances emotions) and hematitis (allows you to see yourself as you are) are effective zodiac sign crystals to look for.

Crystals of the Zodiac Sign Pisces

Those born under the sign of the zodiac Pisces (born between February 19 and March 20) are probably empathetic, emotional and friendly. Typically, the signs of Pisces are compassionate, gentle, intuitive, fearful and have the desire to escape reality. The use of crystals can highlight these traits of love and creativity. They can also often balance these strong emotions. The best zodiac sign crystals for Pisces are aquamarine (increases insight) and amethyst (calm and calm). Carry them in your pocket or place them around your room so their energy can enjoy you all day and all night.

Crystals of the zodiac sign Aries

Are you an Aries? This means that your birthday is between the dates of March 21 and April 19. Those born during this period are often exciting, bold and full of energy. On the other hand, they can also be impatient, proud and selfish. Crystals like aventurine and blood jasper are wonderful for anyone who has this zodiac sign. Aventurine (green and red aventurine works best) is effective because it offers perspective but does not detract from the excited and energetic personality for which Aries are known! Bloodstone, on the other hand, is a wonderful tool as it removes negativity. This makes it easier to balance these fiery traits.

Stones related to the sign of the taurus zodiac

When you have the sign of the Taurus zodiac (born between April 20 and May 20), chances are you have a number of positive characteristics. This means being practical, ambitious, generous and patient. However, anyone born under this sign also tends to fight against change and the unknown. Taurus is also known for being stubborn and possessive. To calm these traits, the best crystals to use are cornaline (a grounding stone that helps you move forward in life) and pink quartz (which heals the heart and promotes self-esteem and confidence). Use these stones to make a harmonious life.

Stones related to the sign of the taurus zodiac

There is a reason why Gemini (born May 21 to June 20) is associated with twins or double personalities. This astrological sign has two different sides. One is intelligent, quick-witted and passionate about everyday life. The other side is superficial, tense and can often lack clear direction in one’s life or career. For a happy and healthy life, the best thing to do is to make good use of crystals from the signs of the zodiac. Stones like clear quartz bring clarity. Citrine stimulates mood and has the ability to make you more direct and decisive. (Learn more about them in our Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners!) Carry them in your pocket or keep them handy.

Stones related to the sign of the zodiac Cancer

Is your zodiac sign cancer? Then you were born between June 21 and July 22. There are specific characteristics related to this sign. For example, cancers are known to be very emotional and moody. They tend to think with their heart before thinking with their heads. This is not necessarily a bad thing! This makes them more friendly and imaginative than the other signs of the zodiac. If you are a cancer, there is one crystal you must have on hand: the moonstone. It works by sensitizing your emotions and increasing feelings of understanding and compassion.

Stones related to the sign of the Lion zodiac

The Lion is anyone born between July 23 and August 22. This sign is warm, loving and faithful. The Leos always express their opinion but remain kind and eager to help others. Other characteristics that describe this sign include: possessive, controlling, arrogant and governed by the ego. To soothe these stronger personality traits, it is best to use zodiac sign crystals like black onyx and hematitis. The black onyx is a restorative stone that soothes the mind and calms emotions. This makes you feel grounded, safe and protected. Hematitis also works well to create balance.

Stones related to the sign of the Virgin zodiac

Are you a prudent, thoughtful and detail-minded person? Maybe your zodiac sign is Virgo. Those born between August 23 and September 22 are known to be cautious and sometimes even guarded. They sometimes have a wall or close their hearts to others, but they can also be kind and faithful to those they trust. A useful crystal to use is the peripated, which facilitates the release of negative patterns. Another option is a green stone, such as emerald and green aventurine. They attract luck and revitalize.

Stones of the zodiac sign Libra

For anyone born between September 23 and October 22, the corresponding astrological sign is Libra. The personality traits common to Libra are kindness, gentle behavior and someone who is full of love and harmony. However, people born under this sign tend to have difficulty saying no to others, may experience high levels of stress, are indecisive and can even be described as self-indulgent. A wonderful stone to reach when needed is the pink tourmaline. It is a powerful crystal that creates a sense of inner peace – making it an excellent choice when difficult or stressful situations arise.

Crystals related to the sign of the zodiac Scorpion

The Scorpio sign is known to be passionate, secretive and seductive. With birth dates between October 23 and November 21, there are both positive and negative characteristics associated with this zodiac sign. On the plus side? Scorpions are focused, ambitious and intuitive. On the not-so-positive side? They may also be jealous and irritated. This is why crystals like Shungite are powerful because they absorb the negative thoughts that Scorpions tend to take to heart. Another option is citrine, which stimulates feelings of happiness and joy.

Stones related to the sign of the Sagittarius zodiac

For those born between November 22 and December 21, your astrological sign is Sagittarius. You are probably curious about nature and enjoy discovering the world around you. Many with this sign like to travel, do new things and meet new people. While they can be idealistic and fun, the Sagittarius person can also be frank and impatient. The effective zodiac sign crystals to add to your collection are amber (known to increase vitality and eliminate negativity) and ruby (an ideal protective stone for someone on the move).

Stones related to the sign of the capricorn zodiac

The last sign of the zodiac on the list is Capricorn. It includes anyone born between December 22 and January 19. People with this sign tend to be extremely determined, practical and goal-oriented. They are sincere and faithful to others, but can also be stubborn and shy by nature. Citrine is a wonderful option as it increases feelings of creativity and happiness – and will help you stay motivated. Tiger’s Eye is another useful choice as it soothes fears and anxieties. Positive thoughts and balanced emotions help you achieve your goals.

Your astrological sign is more than a random fact. It can also provide a lot of information. Understanding common characteristics facilitates balance in your daily life, especially with the use of zodiac sign crystals. With the right stones, you will soon experience positive changes in body, mind and mind.

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