Your Animal Totem and Its Meaning

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What is a Totem Animal?

It is essentially an animal that guides or protects a person on a particular journey or throughout his or her life on earth. This concept is generally related to Aboriginal cultures. However, it has also become a part of the belief systems of the new age as well as pagan and Wiccane spirituality. A spiritual animal can be called by different names such as a power animal, a spiritual guide or a totem. The general idea is that a particular type of animal will offer you protection, insight or advice.

How do you know what your Totem Pet is?

You can intuitively know what your spiritual animal is or you can discover your spiritual animal in a different way. For example, you might have a dream (or dreams) about a specific type of animal, see your spiritual animal during a guided meditation or oracle reading, or even physically see an animal during a period of need. No matter how you discover your spiritual pet, it’s important to trust your instincts. If you feel attracted to a particular animal… there’s probably a reason. Chances are that what the animal represents resonates with your personality or your current way of life.

Meaning of Animal Totem

Animal Totem: The Swan

The swan often represents the messages of angels, energetic healing and spiritual devotion. It also concerns beauty, grace, balance and elegance.
If a swan appears to you, it is a sign of slowing down and being in the present moment. The swan has messages of love and healing – and invites you to give up the emotions that no longer serve you.
When you are strongly attracted to the swan, it means that you are a healer. You want to bring blessings of hope to other people.

Animal Totem: The Butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol of change and personal transformation. This represents a change (physical or emotional) and a new season of life. It is also linked to happiness and good luck.
If a butterfly appears to you, it is a sign of rebirth. Something old is going away and something new is going into your life. This could be the end of a toxic relationship or the beginning of a more fulfilling career.
When you are attracted to the butterfly, it means that you are a spiritual and enlightened human being. You want to grow, learn and become your best self.

Animal Totem: The Spider

The spider may not appear to be the most enchanting spiritual animal. That being said, it can reveal a lot about your life. Spiders are linked to femininity, creativity and patience.
If you see a spider, it may be time to take responsibility and make changes. It symbolizes the creation of the life you wish to lead. Just as the spider spins a web, you must also take control of your destiny.
When you are attracted to the spider, it means that you are a very motivated person. You enjoy the journey as much as the end result – and make extraordinary things happen.

Animal Totem: The Deer

The deer generally represents innocence, adaptability, the opening of new doors, the presence of angels and a promise of peace.
If a deer appears to you (in one form or another), it means that the angels are nearby. These animals are related to softness and light – and in these moments of soft light, angels may appear.
When you are attracted to the deer, it often has to do with something new that begins in your life. This can mean a new job, the start of a new project, meeting someone significant, etc. This new energy of adventure is positive and loving and can help you adapt to change.

Meaning of other totem animals

There are many other animals that can talk to you – or are already part of your life: the bear (balance and harmony), the eagle (connection to the divine), the fox (mental reactivity) or the wolf (loyalty and guardianship). Determine which animal resonates with you and learn more about its spiritual meaning.

Totem animals are an incredible way to understand and learn more about your true path. Whether you are attracted to one or more of these guides, it is important to pay attention to signs, symbols and of course your intuition.

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