Full Moon of December 2019

Pleine lune Gemeaux
Written by tarot-destiny.com

The full moon of December is the last full moon of the year, of the decade and before the start of the eclipse season!

It carries a strong energy of liberation and falls on December 12 under the sign of Gemini.

As this full moon falls under the sign of Gemini, we can see that things are happening in pairs or that two areas of our lives can be highlighted under this energy. We can also experience it emotionally by distinguishing two perspectives from each thing.

Regardless of what is stirred under the full moon, it gives us all the opportunity to release and let go of things that we no longer wish to take with us in the new year.

It is also our opportunity to release and let go of the problems that have been running for some time.

If there is something unresolved or if more information is needed, you may find that the full Moon of December is starting to stir things up to bring a release or closure.

December can be an extremely busy month for many, with travel plans, family commitments, parties and more, but if you can, try to take the time to think about what you no longer want to take with you in 2020.

What habits, patterns or behaviours are you willing to give up to make room for a new way of being?

If something comes to mind, set an intention, say a small prayer or write it down on a sheet of burning paper. Doing this under the vibrations of the december full moon will provide additional support and help set your intention in motion.

Use this full moon energy to connect, rest, restore and get rid of anything that is dense and heavy.

Be nice to yourself under this energy as there is a bit of intensity in the air. Focusing on the things that soothe and heal will do you the greatest good!

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