The Empress: Meaning

tarot l'impératrice
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What is the meaning of the Empress
tarot card?

The Empress’s map is the third in the major arcana and it depicts a woman sitting in a chair, calm and peaceful, surrounded by nature.

This card symbolizes the feminine side and embodies Mother Earth or the Feminine Principle.

The appearance of this map in a reading tells the experience of the senses, the enjoyment of nature and the embrace of the natural.

He also talks about beauty, abundance, motherhood and fertility.

Meaning of the Empress positioned at the place

When the Empress Tarot card appears in your reading, it indicates the beginning of a period of growth, abundance and prosperity in your life.

This card tells the need to be in touch with your feminine side.

This could mean creating beauty and seeking your sensuality, whether through music, painting or other art forms.

In general, the Empress suggests that you feed, care for and support those around you, deepening the connection you have with them.

The Empress might suggest that you’re ready for motherhood.

You could be in a very fertile period and design can happen very easily.

The Empress’s map and work

The presence of the Empress in your reading indicates a period of wealth and success in your life. It’s time to follow the plans and ideas you had and commit to the next stage of development.

This map tells of a period of great productivity and also the harvest of your efforts and patience.

The Map of the Empress and Love

When this card appears in a reading, it tells of a happy moment in your life, with a lot of socialization and contentment.

Family relationships are flourishing, love is everywhere and there seems to be a lot of activity around the house.

Relationships become deeper and more meaningful when The Empress is around.

If you are single, rest assured that love – true love – is upon us.

The Empress and Finance Map

This map is all about abundance and financial prosperity.

This is a great time to make investments as it will surely increase your income.

This may be the time when you will reap the rewards of some of your old projects. Pass it wisely and don’t forget to put it aside as well.

The Empress and Health Map

If you are trying to get pregnant, the presence of this card indicates that this is the perfect time for design.

If you are not yet ready for pregnancy, the appearance of The Empress suggests that you should be very careful and use extra protection.

The Inverted Empress map

When this map is in an inverted position in your reading, it may indicate that you are experiencing difficulties in certain areas of your life.

Projects appear to be stalled and can be difficult to complete. It may be because of a lack of patience or because you are trying to push or start projects before they are ready. This is not the time to act.

If things don’t work out for you, maybe you should investigate a little bit and see what the problem is. Do you force a situation that is not supposed to be? Is it really in your best interest?

In a love reading, the presence of The Empress might suggest neglect, discord and family arguments.

The inverted empress may indicate miscarriage, interruption or infertility. Depending on what the maps surround the Empress, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Combinations of the Empress’s map

  • When the Empress is in a draw with the Devil’s card, you risk causing damage to a person without even knowing it.
  • When the Death Card (also known as the Unnamed Arcane) appears with The Empress in a draw, it suggests that a long-term relationship will end.
  • The Empress and the Three Cup speak of material success.
  • The Three of Swords with the Empress indicate that forgetting the feelings of others alienates him.
  • The Empress and The Cup Three suggest a healthy and stimulating relationship if you manage not to be so selfish.
  • Pentacle’s 3 is a map on teamwork, reminding us that things work best when a team is involved.

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