Top 10 tarot cards for spiritual development

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The Tarot can be extremely useful in understanding your own spiritual development and guiding you on your spiritual journey. So what maps of Tarot indicate spiritual development? 

The Hermit

The Hermit is the ultimate soul seeker. He spends time alone, whether for 20 minutes, 20 days or even 20 years, to reflect on his own spiritual path and, in the process, he becomes more and more enlightened. When you see this map in a spiritual reading, know that this is the time of isolation and contemplation of your own spiritual path.

Four Cup

 The Four of Cups indicates the need to block any external distractions for a short period of time and to bring your inner attention to discover what motivates you and what brings you fulfillment.

The Popeess

Very intuitive, the high priestess suggests that you can connect to your inner mind by learning to trust your intuition or by engaging in more mystical practices.


The Hierophant often indicates the role of the church or some kind of group membership as you get closer to your spiritual goals. You can also find the advice of a spiritual leader or guru particularly useful.

Ace of Sticks

Ah, inspiration! The Ace of chopsticks causes an explosion of energy that encourages you to begin a new path to spiritual enlightenment. You may be about to start a new course or learn more about a new belief system.

The Tower

The Tower is incredibly powerful for spiritual development, indicating that you will be going through a very difficult time that will test your belief systems. While this may be uncomfortable at the time, destruction will give way to a whole new way of looking at your life.

Eight of the pentacles 

Although pentacles are generally not associated with spirituality, the eight of the pentacles a spiritual reading indicates that you will devote yourself to a particular line of study that will help you achieve your spiritual goals. You see your spiritual journey as a journey of your life that you travel slowly but surely.

Five of the pentacles

This map reflects that you must renounce your desire for material wealth in order to achieve greater spiritual wealth. Perhaps you have over-emphasized your material wealth and neglected your spiritual wealth and well-being. You may find it difficult to navigate your life, you feel isolated and excluded from the world. Time for a turnaround.


 Judgment is a wonderful map to see in a spiritual reading. It reflects a moment of spiritual awakening, where your connection with your soul and the Universe becomes clear and you know what you need to do to attain enlightenment. You are very open to spiritual messages right now and can find solace in sharing your experiences with others in a group context.

The Pendu

The hanged man represents a need to let go and give himself towards something for spiritual enlightenment. Consider the areas of your life where you may need to act more altruistically, either for the sake of others or for the satisfaction of your own deeper needs. How do you want to become more spiritually conscious? What aspects of your inner self are you looking to change? What does it take to make this change happen?

What Tarot maps do you associate with spiritual development? Leave your comments below.

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