The Hermit: Meaning

L'ermite tarot
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What is the meaning of the hermit tarot map?

The Hermit is the number nine in the major arcana and it depicts a man standing atop a mountain with a lantern in his hand.

It symbolizes the man who has reached his spiritual apogee and is now ready to share this wisdom.

The Hermit tarot map is all about introspection. You have come to a time in your life when you simply have to calm down and look for answers inside.

Your need for understanding is at its highest level right now and you want to find the truth at all costs.

Meaning of the Hermit positioned in place

When the Hermit appears in a Tarot print, he often suggests a moment to be alone.

You may be looking for a better understanding of the values, motivations and personal principles of your life.

The Hermit indicates that retirement or withdrawal is advisable for now because the truth you are looking for is not in the outside world, but in yourself.

It is time to reflect and challenge the status quo and the best way to do so is to meditate and contemplate.

As a result, you may want to make some changes in your life, change some priorities or even your lifestyle.

The Hermit Map and Work

When the Hermit is present in your reading, this may indicate that you may need some free time and focus on yourself.

If in the past you have done your job well and everything is fine, you should expect some recognition and success.

A little time for you could shed some light on your work priorities.

The map of the Hermit and Love

The presence of the Hermit in a Tarot draw might indicate that you need time to think about the future of your current relationship.

Is this person really right for you? Are you happy in this relationship?

If you are alone, the appearance of the Hermit in your draw could indicate that for now it is better to be alone and really focus on yourself.

The Hermit’s Map and Finance

The appearance of the Hermit in a broadcast means that you are not focusing on the material details at this time, but rather on the questions of the soul.

Be careful not to make hasty investment decisions at this time.

Focus on the inner self, find your true values and look for your answers inside.

The Hermit map and Health

This could be the perfect time to invest time in your health. Meditation, stress relief rituals or simple little treatments will do wonders for you.

If you’re having problems, try to find the root cause. If your back hurts, you may be wearing too much…

The Hermit tells you to take care of yourself.

The map of the Inverted Hermit

The Inverted Hermit may indicate that you are taking too long for personal reflection, or not at all.

If the time spent searching for soul and introspection makes you a true hermit, you should try to reconsider. Being alone and isolated can have a terrible effect on you, your family and your friends.

The reversal of the Hermit may also suggest that you intentionally avoid focusing on yourself for fear of what you might discover or changes you might have to make.

When the Hermit appears reversed in a relationship reading, this may suggest that one of you needs isolation. Be careful about this degree of isolation as it could ruin everything.

If you are single, the Inverted Hermit may indicate that you are tired of being alone and that you are now starting to look for a partner.

Combinations of the Hermit map

  • When the Hermit appears in a draw with Pentacles cards, your financial situation may take you away from those who love you.
  • The combination of Hermit cards with Cups indicates that your emotional desire for someone alienates all prospects for the future.
  • When the Hermit is present with Sword cards, it indicates that your sharp tongue is the cause of your current loneliness.
  • If there are many Stick cards in your draw, with the Hermit, this indicates a great opportunity for personal development. You make the most of the time you spend alone and with great success.

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