Don't worry, your soul has a plan

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Your soul is nestled in your physical body, and that energy that animates your body and sparkles you has not come here without a plan.

Your soul has traced a journey and programmed it into the container that is your human body.

You’re not alone. You did not come here empty-handed, and it is your reminder that, buried inside, you always know the way.

Why Souls Come to Earth

The Earth is our school. We come here to learn. We come here to teach. We come here to help others. We come here to grow up.

I have spent many days and nights thinking about why our soul would want to grow and learn things, but the answer I receive is always the same:

Growth is what broadens our consciousness and keeps the Universe alive. As we grow, as our consciousness grows, so does the Universe.

We have all heard that the Universe is constantly expanding, and that, I believe, is only because we continue to grow as well. Without this growth, without the pursuit of raising our consciousness, the Universe would die.

It is likely to be only part of the story, but it is the simplest way to put into words the feelings and emotions that are stirred when I ask this question.

Although it is often quite difficult for our human body to get out of bed to start the day, our soul is supercharged with energy and is motivated to do the work and make this journey to Earth School.

There are many dimensions in the spirit world, but I have also heard from communication with my guides that coming to Earth is one of the few experiences that our soul can experience individuality.

At the soul level, we are connected to everything and to everyone, but in human form, we are able to live a little more our own unique imprint. We feel our separation from the Universe.

As Eckhart Tolle says, “we are the Universe that expresses itself as a human for a little while” and that is exactly what the essence of our soul, the Inner Universe, gets a kick when it comes to the Earth.

Our soul also knows that whatever tragedies and struggles await us on Earth, they are simply temporary, as when we return to our pure form and merge again into the Universe, everything will be fine and we will be whole again.

All these factors combined make the Earth School an exciting prospect for many souls!

Lessons that our soul has come to learn

To broaden our consciousness, grow and realize our individuality and who we really are, we must experience duality.

We must experience the opposite of what we know in order to achieve a state of balance and completeness.

We are pure love, and experiencing the opposite of this is the only way for us to strengthen, grow and develop that love. Finding love in the most difficult situations is part of what we are here to do.

While love is the ultimate lesson, there are other lessons that our soul aspires to learn as well.

Our soul comes to Earth knowing exactly what it wants to achieve and what lessons it wants to master. He makes plans with other souls and even chooses the country where he wants to live. Our soul also chooses the family in which it wishes to be born. All these decisions have paved the way for the life of the soul on Earth.

We must also keep in mind that our soul is full of energy and therefore, it often makes ambitious plans!

Our soul knows we can cope with it, but sometimes I wonder if our soul forgets how exhausting life on Earth can sometimes be!

While your soul has a plan before coming to Earth, there is also free will and choices to be made along the way. Although nothing is set in stone, some destinies will have to be played in one way or another.

The details of these destinies are not yet formed, but the energy footprint is there, and within that imprint are the possibilities of what your life can bring.

Although the possibilities are numerous, we each have our own mountain to climb and our own particular view to which we climb. Although there are millions of trails and opportunities on this mountain, the destination is the same.

For our soul, it is not so much the events of life that are important but what these events arouse and arouse for us. It is what we do with the events that happens that matters most.

We continually learn to return to a state of love, but this journey is different depending on what our soul wants to learn.

Perhaps our journey to love requires patience, or audacity, or teaching, or truth, or strength, or poverty, or trauma, or loss, or anxiety, and the list goes on.

However, these pathways are not the ones we can judge at the human level. From a human point of view, it seems almost cruel to say that our soul chose to be mistreated to grow, or chose to experience trade and loss to continue to expand the consciousness of the Universe.

But if we look at these events at the level of the soul, we see that there is no judgment. There is no “bad” or “good” there. What we perceive to be terrible and horrible, may actually be part of something

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