5 Ways to Strengthen Your Female Energy

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She was beautiful, but it wasn’t her beauty that attracted me, it was her energy. She stood there big and strong and she just radiated the energy of the goddess. She felt powerful and her very presence required respect.

She was a woman I could just see passing through. She was graceful and feminine, and yet there was something in her that I had just respected instantly. She caught my eye and when I saw her pass, I just felt she was up to her feminine power.

In the Western world, female energy is often considered weak, but it is really nothing weak. If you had seen this woman, who was just beaming with the energy of the goddess, you too would have felt that she was strong, not in an aggressive way, but in a way that commanded respect.

Maybe seeing this woman caught my attention because over the years, the female energy has been crushed and depreciated. In fact, for decades, women have been encouraged to adopt more male energy.

While there is nothing wrong with honoring the masculine, I think that over the years, men and women have forgotten the power that emanates from female energy.

How can you improve your feminine energy?

Female energy is expressed in a different way from male energy, but it is just as important, and especially in these times, it has become more important for us to recover it.

The good news is that we can all play a role in improving and advancing women’s energy. That goes for men and women, but I think women should be the leaders here and start claiming what is really theirs. In this case, I think it is women who have to make the front page of change.

In order to improve your feminine energy, it is important to understand its qualities. Male energy is considered straight lines, it is considered an external expression, it is considered a fast and fast movement.

Female energy, on the other hand, is considered curved lines, it is considered an inner expression, and it is slow and methodical.

The female energy is fluid and watery. It’s intuitive and graceful. It is creative and allows us to receive. The male energy is direct and earthy. It’s logical and practical. It is solid and allows us to give.

Female energy is yin and male energy is yang.

To feel the feminine energy, walk along the water’s edge and pay attention to how it flows and flows or take a look at the Moon one night when it’s full, and enjoy the strong and radiant vibrations.

Alternatively, take a walk in a park and just observe what you see. Look at the flowers, look at the leaves blowing in the wind, just observe how Mother Earth creates.

By observing nature, we can begin to tune in to some of the female energy that has been lost in our consciousness over the years.

Here are 5 additional steps you can also take to help you adjust to your feminine power:

1. Honor your menstrual cycle

In today’s culture, periods are always considered coarse, taboo and something we should not talk about. Menstruation is natural and one of the most powerful expressions of female energy. Before the days of patriarchy, men were in awe of women when they bled, for if they bled in this way, they would die. In fact, they drank menstrual blood because they felt it had healing properties and promoted eternal life. Today, periods are considered almost shameful, but you can stop this by honoring and celebrating your cycle. After all, what a fabulous reminder that we women have the power and strength of our bodies. The menstrual cycle is our window on the inner workings of our body and must be celebrated. When we are on our periods, we are also more sensitive and intuitive, and I think the more we embrace periods as a society and begin to honor them, the less PMS we experience.

2. Spend time with other women

Spending time with other women can be so beneficial. Women are naturally receptive and energy receptors, and when they come together, it’s almost like a force field is created where they can support each other and recharge each other. This is why many rituals are often conducted by a group of women, because together they were more powerful and receptive to sending their wishes into the Universe. By uniting with other women, especially in rituals or simply to share, this can be naturally cleansing and uplifting.

3. Feel beautiful about yourself

Female energy has been diminished for decades, so it’s no wonder that many women suffer from low self-esteem. We are constantly told that we are not good enough and we feel constantly ashamed of our bodies. Think about it, a man can show his nipples in public without a problem, but a woman would be arrested. A woman with big breasts may appear in a television commercial, but a woman who breastfeeds in public is considered offensive. With this distortion of female energy, it is not surprising that many women find it difficult to feel beautiful about themselves. However, the power comes from drowning what the media or other people think and say, and accept and own exactly who you are. Feeling beautiful in your own skin is the most powerful and liberating thing you can do, and instantly releases waves of feminine energy.

4. More fun

Feeling the pleasure is very much related to the feminine energy. You can seek pleasure in many ways, from orgasms to relaxing bathing, by buying a bouquet of beautiful flowers, by eating decadent chocolates, by dancing to your favorite music, etc. By bringing pleasure and sensuality into your life, you can help release the feminine energy inside. Taking the time to honor your body and seek pleasure can also help awaken your inner goddess and can do wonders for your feelings of self-esteem. Getting to know your body intimately is also an important element in honoring who you are.

5. Wake up your Kundalini

Kundalini is a feminine and creative energy that lives in all of us. It is thought to be a snake that stays tightly wrapped in the hollow of your belly. When it is awakened, the snake rises and floods our body with female energy. It helps us to raise our consciousness and enter into our true power. You can learn more about kundalini’s alarm clocks and how to experience one here.

By taking these steps and making a conscious effort to honor and celebrate the feminine, we can create a change that is being felt all over the world.

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