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What is the meaning of the devil’s tarot card?

The eighteenth map of the Major Arcanes, The Devil, is the one that many people tend to fear.

This map shows the biblical interpretation of the beast itself, sitting on a stone pillar and keeping a man and woman chained up as prisoners.

Although the image of this map is of supernatural origin, the devil represents very human situations and ideas.

It is the personification of a toxic bond in your life and serves as a warning. It also represents excessive indulgence and temptation.

The man and woman in chains symbolize those who reap what they sow, having voluntarily walked in their present situation.

Although it is a negative card, it offers you the insight you need to make positive changes.

Meaning of the Devil: Map at the place

The devil’s first rule is to determine which part of your life he warns you of.

It’s important to note its position in your spread and which cards surround it so you can fully understand where the changes need to be made.

In your past position, the Devil describes a toxic environment from which you have strayed.

This is a good place to sit because it means that you have already shown that you can overcome a bad situation.

In any case, your experience has set in motion your current and future positions and influenced your attitude towards the life you are currently leading.

The devil in your current position may surprise you, but it is important that you heed his warning.

There is something in your life that is holding you back and you may not have realized it yet.

Look at your past and future positions to determine the details and cut the cord before it’s too late. The toxicity in your life can and will negate your future. Get out while you can.

The future position holding the Devil is also a bad sign, but there is still a lot of time to make changes.

When it is in your future, it means that the path you are currently on will not end well without some serious changes.

It could be the people around you who train you or an indulgence, like drinking or playing, that has led you in the wrong direction.

In this case, it is important that you re-examine the things in your life and find out where you can cut fat in order to have a better future.

The Devil and Labor

Often, the devil points to someone you work with and can’t trust.

This person can give you a head start in your career or a position that seems too good to be true.

Don’t be tempted to take what seems to be the easiest path to success.

Good things happen to those who are waiting, so stay focused on your work and ignore those who will try to use you for their own career gains.

Love and the devil

The devil as the focal point of your relationship is not a good sign.

While this may sometimes indicate infidelity, lying or hidden motives, it could also mean that the relationship is simply not healthy and will not last.

If you’re someone who finds yourself in repetitive scenarios with romantic partners, the Devil tells you that’s enough.

It’s time for you to look at the fundamental problems that arise in each of your relationships and solve them, preferably on your own.

The Devil and Financ
es In a financial allocation oriented the Devil is a warning that financial difficulties can be on you. Now is the time for you to pinch your pennies and avoid spending outside of your immediate needs.

Meaning of the devil in health

In a gap related to your health, the Devil offers you to do a check-up even if you feel well.

Because it represents everything that is misleading, it is a good idea to check your peace of mind.

It can also refer to excessive indulgence or addiction in your life.

If you have bad eating habits or are prone to substance abuse, this is your sign that it’s time to flip a new leaf and change your lifestyle.

The devil in reverse position
If the devil appears upside down, it means that a decision you made that you are not sure about was the right one to make.

Surprisingly, the Devil is a positive card when it is reversed and says you dodged the proverbial ball.

The devil’s suits

Other maps of the major Arcanes give a better idea of who is referring to the Devil in your life.

For example, The Lovers means that the problem is your romantic life.

The Empress and the Devil refers to someone you admire and whose association with the wrong crowd will ultimately be your loss.

When The Fool appears with the Devil, it’s a good sign. This means that whatever situation the Devil refers to, you are more or less immune to its effects.

Look at the red flags, but know that you are not in immediate danger.

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