The Force: Meaning

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What is the meaning of the force tarot card?

The eight cards of the Major Arcanes, Force, represent order, discipline and trust.

In the traditional tarot, the force is represented as a woman and a golden lion that she has mastered.

This representation literally shows that it soothes the beast.

The force is not aggressive, but it does the job and does it with calm and grace.

The strength lies in your ability to assert yourself diplomatically and constructively.

It's also about your own personal growth and taking your place by taking the reins and leading you in your way without stepping on the toes of others.

It is a very powerful map and is usually a good omen in your readings.

Meaning of the Force card positioned at the location

The strength of your past position shows that your current situation comes from your maintaining your composure and controlling something of your past.

This represents the best decision for you and shows the personal growth of your position.

Because of this moment in your life, you now reap the benefits of winning.

If the Force appears in your current position, it means that you are well placed mentally and emotionally, even if you don't really realize it.

Right now, you are able to take control and achieve positive results through cooperation and diplomacy instead of an aggressive or domineering approach.

In a future position, strength is a favorable result for the person being read. Whatever they live in the present, they are quite capable of gaining the upper hand by asserting themselves and taking control of the situation.

This result is easily achieved when one remembers their confidence and tact.

Work and strength

The strength that manifests itself in a career distribution tells you that you have all the key characteristics to succeed. If you are looking for work, it invites you to continue. You have the skills and determination to get the job you deserve.

For those who are already on their career path, strength is a good indicator of a promotion or salary increase. Now is the best time to ask your boss.

It is also the perfect time to volunteer to lead a meeting or take on the supervisory role of a major project.

Love and strength

If you are already attached, the strength of a love-oriented reading is a sign that your relationship has stability and room for the two parties to grow together in a healthy way.

For those looking for love, it's a good sign that it's just around the corner, as long as you get into the dating pool.

Now is the best time to let your confidence shine through and meet the person of your dreams.

Strength and finances

As for your finances, strength is a good sign that you are currently or will soon be financially stable. If you're considering a big purchase, like a car or a house, this is the right time for that.

However, Strength cautions against taking out loans for large ticket purchases if you are not absolutely sure how you will repay them.

Meaning of healthy strength

Strength is a card that is considered to defy all odds. What this means for your health is that any diseases you may have can be overcome.

As long as you follow the doctor's orders and follow your regular exercise program, you are able to get by.

Inverted position force

In reverse position, Strength tells you to step back and slow down before making decisions you'll ultimately regret.

If you have acted in a way that is not completely you, it is likely that the force will appear in your reading this way.

Be honest with yourself and determine which area of your life should be treated with a little more calculation and restraint.

This is not the time for risky behaviour or to be impulsive.

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