Tarot Draw and Interpretation of the Year 2019

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With 2019 knocking on the door, it’s good to consider what the year will bring.

Every year we have a new tarot card that lets us know what’s in store for us. The map tells us what to watch and what we will be working on. It helps us to guide us in the months to come as we continue our journey to our higher self.

You find your annual tarot card by adding the month and day of your birth plus 2019. The number should be 10 or less.

For example, my birthday is March 2nd, so my number would be 3- 2- 2019, which is equivalent to 2,024. I would then add 2 0 – 2 – 4 to get 8.

The number you get is your personal mentor card for the next 12 months. Here are the descriptions of the maps and what they have in store for you.

1 or 10. The magician or the wheel of fortune

You’re full of many gifts. You’re a handyman. You gain more skills and become good in many areas. You are particularly developing your skillful communication. You feel passionate about many areas, but you don’t know which way to go. It will be a year of leveraging all your skills and strengths and determining what you want to do. Staying in the same place while you splash around in a few areas will no longer work. You want to deepen something more fulfilling. Spend time thinking about the direction you want to take this year, invest in higher education, spend hours on a project and don’t be afraid to choose something. You’ll be lucky on your side by diving into something new. You just have to decide how to turn the wheel. Making solid choices will be this year’s theme.

2. The Popeess

It will be a spiritual year for you. You will have many visions and powerful dreams that will give you a glimpse of your higher self. You will deepen your spirituality and find a personal meditation practice. Stay open this year to the signs of your unconscious. They will appear in the dreams, music and words of wise teachers. You will feel connected to religious symbols and art. Fill your home with things that improve your psychic energies, whether it’s crystals, an altar or a meditation pillow. Have a space where you can improve your vibrations. Drawing on the spiritual realm will be the theme for you this year.

3. Empress

The Empress is half of the polarity that is the emperor and empress. It represents a fertile, stimulating and loving energy. It aims to create security and food for itself and those around her. It will be a year to take care of you and nourish your body. It will also be a year to love people in your life, especially children. You will spend time connecting to your maternal or paternal nature. You will love your inner child as well as the children of your life. It can be difficult to connect to this energy if it is not your normal state. You may need the support of good friends or even an advisor to work on some blocks in this area. But it will be so worth learning to feed yourself in this way. Unconditional love will be this year’s theme.

4. The Emperor

The emperor is the other half of the Empress. Together, they balance. We need the Empress’s self-love to succeed as an emperor. It’s about tapping into your leadership skills and learning your own power. But if you lead without loving yourself and those around you, your leadership will be energetic and uninspired. This year will be dedicated to learning how to lead and get into your personal power. You have so much strength in you and are ready to take on great responsibilities. You could enter a new role at work, start your own business or galvanize your community. Anyway, you will take the orders this year. Learning to do so will be your goal. Acquiring the wisdom of other loving and powerful world leaders will be part of your journey. Immerse yourself in the skills of those who lead with compassion and intelligence. Loving leadership will be the theme for you this year.

5. The Pope

You are ready for a teacher this year. You are prepared to question the institutions you have followed unscrupulously. You are ready to broaden your mind and let go of any restraint in your life. Whether you’re going back to school or finding a spiritual mentor to help you on your new journey, a teacher will enter your life in one way or another. You feel you have reached the highest level possible and you need a guide to help you take it to the next level. However, there are a few things to watch out for when a new teacher enters your life. A true Pope never sells to you, the Universe will naturally put them in your path. Trust your own intuition, if you feel uncomfortable following a guide, listen to this feeling. It will be an inspiring year full of learning opportunities. So open your mind to possibilities and use your own wisdom to guide a mentor in your life. Curiosity and intellectual activities will be the themes of the year.

6. Lovers The
re is an innocence and confidence that accompany this card. This is our heart before it has even been hurt. It’s our heart before we get too careful with our love. Under the energy of this card, we freely give our love to others. We feel whole in ourselves and don’t look for another person to fill us. This year, it will be a matter of getting your heart back. You will start trusting the Universe again and loving without fear. You will work on what you are afraid of and abandon the past. You’ll give yourself a deep respect. You will not focus on finding a partner or accomplishment through outside sources. Instead, you will give love without needing anything in return. This type of vibration will attract healthy and emotionally available people into your life. The map of lovers shows that energy flows freely. We do not stop its flow with our blockages and our personal anxieties. This year’s theme will be love, acceptance and trust.

7. The Chariot

This card is a year when you will benefit from all your hard work and personal growth. You have struggled and gone through difficult times. But you are now in a period where you will feel rewarded for your efforts. As one you have overcome your challenges victoriously, there will now be great changes in your life. These changes will be very beneficial to you and will lead you to more success. You’re at peace, but you still have armor. You’re going to protect your energy like never before. Just like the magician’s energy or wheel of fortune, you must now decide which direction to go. You have a new path ahead of you and luck is on your side. You will have to take everything you have learned and find the way forward. The Chariot is also associated with travel, so you can make a great trip this year. It will be a journey that will require a lot of planning and will be an adventure that affirms life. Allowing yourself to take risks will be the theme of the year.

8. La Justice

The justice map brings us reflection and adjustment of our personal behaviors. We need to assess where in our lives we have stagnant energy, where we do not grow and where we are not healthy. Take the time to look at your habits and routines. Do you do things that don’t fit your destination? If your circumstances or behaviours are not what you want, you can make a change. You can create more harmony in your life. You control your actions and may be more intentional. You need to feel entitled to make adjustments to your routines. Invest more in your health, wealth and peace. You feel like you own your shares instead of blaming others. The theme of this card is personal responsibility and intentionality through personal balance.

9. The Hermit

It will be a year of creativity, wisdom and experience. You will develop all these areas by spending time with yourself. You could do a meditation retreat to travel somewhere alone. You will take long walks and log your experiences. You will spend time getting to know each other more deeply and developing your hidden talents. It will be a year to find your personal center and become very strong inside. You will find yourself saying no to plans with your friends or family. That’s not a bad thing, because you’ll focus on your own energy. At the end of the year, you will get to know each other in a more complex way. You will have developed your creativity. It will not be a moment of solitude, but a time of deep reflection. You’ll dive into yourself and discover more than you’ve ever known. The theme of the year will be centering and personal exploration.

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