4 crystals to use during the Scorpio season

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Change is in the air as we enter a truly magical and mysterious time of year – the season of Scorpio!

Being a Scorpio myself, I can talk about my own personal experience and give you valuable advice on crystals to wear and work in order to exploit the full potential of this special season.

So what are the characteristics of a Scorpio person? The answer to this question will give you a general idea of the type of energies that will be amplified when the Sun enters the sign of the Scorpio.

The Scorpions are born fighters, who are destined to overcome all the challenges that life can throw at them. This is actually part of their higher goal of dissolving their egos by enduring many trials and even traumas, to be reborn and reborn from the ashes, after turning into the wisest, strongest and brightest version of themselves. No wonder the mighty Phoenix is the symbol of a fully transformed Scorpio.

Here are my crystal choices to help you make the most of the intensely passionate energies of the Scorpio season:

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is a perfect match for the enchanting energies of the Scorpio, as it enhances your intuition and helps you dive deeper into the Source of Life. Wear it on your body or slide it under your pillow when the Moon is full or new or during Scorpio season, to connect with your spiritual guides and open energy portals that allow you to see visions and gain invaluable spiritual knowledge.

Rainbow Moonstone also enhances love and romance between partners by bringing greater empathy and mutual understanding to the relationship. It also carries feminine, sensual and nourishing vibrations, which can help soothe unhealthy emotions.

It is a perfect crystal to wear during pregnancy and childbirth and also while traveling, as it has been known since ancient times to protect people on long sea voyages thanks to its powerful connection to the Moon.


One of the lessons of the Scorpio season is to overcome our fears and free ourselves from any self-doubt that prevents us from living fully. That’s why I chose Carnelian to use this season of Scorpio – it helps to develop your self-esteem and self-confidence so that you can pursue your passions with courage and grace.

The cornaline quickly opens all blockages in your sacred chakra, restoring the flow of energy and creativity of the vital force. Its incredibly vibrant energy stimulates your motivation and appetite for adventure. Cornline also has a powerful energizing effect on your body and mind. Work with this wonderful crystal to attract abundance, success and exciting new opportunities into your life!


Shungite is an extremely powerful healing stone that helps release any deep emotional blockage and opens your mind to embrace your own dark side.

Like the deep and mysterious Scorpio, the origin of the Shungite stone is somewhat mysterious. According to some theories, it has a volcanic origin, while others claim that it has an extraterrestrial origin of a comet that landed on Earth.

Shungite is well known for its ability to absorb negative energy and surrounds your aura with a powerful protective shield. In addition, it is one of the best protective stones against electromagnetic radiation of our modern electronic devices. Turn to it for healing and activation of the root chakra, as it also has strong grounding vibrations.

The shungite stone is extremely useful during the intense Scorpio season, which can easily unbalance us if we dive too deeply too quickly into a quest to dig and release our fears and emotional wounds.


And finally, but not least – a fascinating blue-green Amazonite crystal. The soothing and anti-stress energies of this crystal make it a must to balance the impulsive emotional outbursts that we are all likely to have during the Scorpio season.

Amazonite is also a perfect stone for healing the heart chakra. It repairs grief and helps to bring down grief, guilt and sadness. Scorpions are known for their tendency to become dependent on certain people, substances or patterns of their lives, and therefore, learning to release and abandon toxic relationships or situations is one of their most important soul lessons.

Amazonite is also well known in the world of crystal healing for its ability to improve intuition and stimulate self-expression. It gently guides you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you to defend your faith and not compromise on truth and integrity. We also think it will bring you luck and good fortune – and we don’t all need a little to turn our dreams into reality!

I hope you find this special healing stone that will help you navigate gently through the tumultuous waters of the Scorpio season. Perhaps some of you have already felt an intuitive attraction or turned to a certain crystal when reading this article.

Don’t be afraid to dive deep into the depths of your soul to discover dark corners and hidden fears, and flood them with love and light.

Each of these four crystals has unique and powerful healing effects, which you will inevitably feel in one way or another when you start working with them.

Embrace a little passion and intense emotions in your life to make the most of this Scorpio season!

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