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What is the meaning of the tarot card of justice?

Justice is part of the Tarot Maps of the Major Arcanes and it is the number eleven in the combination.

This map represents justice, truth and law and understanding that life is ultimately just and equitable.

The appearance of the Justice Tarot card could mean that no matter what situation you are in right now, everything will be fine.

Meaning of the Justice map positioned at the location

When justice appears in the place in a reading, things will turn in your favor.

Justice balances are balanced, indicating that events are going as they should and this is the result of the positive actions you have taken in the past.

This map indicates that you are finally getting all the good things you deserve.

The appearance of a Justice card at the place may indicate legal formalities, related to a marriage, divorce or potentially business.

When justice is in place in your reading, it suggests that court proceedings will do you a favour if you are honest.

Justice and work

The scale on this map is an indicator that you need a balance in your work/personal life to thrive.

It’s easy to lose that precious balance and throw your energy into either area.

Remember that balance is essential.

Justice and Love Tarot Card

The appearance of the Justice card in your reading may indicate that you and your long-term partner will choose to follow your path.

You are totally honest and take full responsibility for the current situation of the relationship.

If you’re single, the Justice card announces a new commitment to come.

Justice and Finance

Very often, when the Justice card appears in a reading, it suggests that an unexpected amount of money may appear now. This is a good thing and you need to invest it wisely.

Justice and Health Map

It all comes down to balance. Do you eat well? Sleep enough hours?

Otherwise, the appearance of this card indicates that you should take some time and work on what is wrong.

Exercise, sleep, eat the right things and see how much better you’ll feel.

The Reverse Justice Card

When the judge is in an inverted position in a reading, it suggests that you might be dishonest with yourself and others.

You do not accept responsibility for your actions and may try to blame others for your misdeeds.

If this is the case, you must accept responsibility for what you have done and admit your current situation.

When justice is reversed in a tarot gap, judgments or court decisions are likely to go against you. The appearance of an inverted Justice card could indicate injustice.

Combinations of the Justice card

  • When Justice appears in a reading with the Wizard, you must be careful. Someone is trying to make you make a decision using misleading information.
  • Justice paired with the Pope indicates a person who can give you the best advice, just ask.
  • The presence of any Ace in a reading with the Justice card gives the decision that you will make special consent.

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