Tarot Draw and Interpretation of the Year 2018

Written by tarot-destiny.com

In order to find out what 2018 has in store for us, I have completed a five-card draw for the whole of 2018. I drew a map to find out where we are, what is blocking us, what will guide us for this year, our models of the past and what will work for us in the future. I break down each map with my ideas and things to watch out for in 2018.

Where we are right now: 3 cuts – Abundance

This card consists of feeling an abundance of love. Love between lovers, deep love between friends, unconditional love in families and love felt at the source of life in the Universe. This type of love is available to us at all times. Many of us have been in touch with our loved ones during the holidays and have also focused on spiritual love. We took advantage of this holiday to be grateful for all that we have in our lives. We also see the abundance of creativity, emotions and resources that we have in us. We feel very lucky and we are willing to give to others. What a beautiful place to start the year!

What’s blocking us right now: The Star

Coming from a healthy place, the Star consists of letting itself shine, practicing personal care and giving back to others from a place of fullness. But from an unhealthy place, the Star can talk about self-absorption, swollen egos and vanity. When I look at the Star card, I almost see her taking a “selfie” as she holds the crystal bowl above her. The message here is to check our vanity, especially on the Internet. The Internet is a place of self-absorption and self-promotion. We can become hyper focused on ourselves and lose sight of why we use it in the first place – to connect more with others. This message is not only aimed at the Internet, but at hyper-ego in all areas of our lives. How can excessive concentration prevent us from connecting with others? How can it block us from spiritual growth? How does the culture of “me first” come into your life and make you suffer? 2018 will be the year of checking your vanity in order to remove blockages from your personal growth.

What is our guide for the year: The Tower

The theme of The Tower is the truth and it is an extremely powerful map. The Tower wants us to focus on the truth first and foremost. He wants us to be vigilant in our search for truth and eliminate all falsehood in our lives. The Tower guides us to ask: how do you stick to a story that hurts you? What are you doing right now that doesn’t do you any good? Who is in your life slaughtering you? Well, go away! The Tower urges us to burn any decaying undergrowth in our lives so that we can plant our seeds in fresh soil. If we have a lot of rubbish lying around, there is no room for plants to grow! We must eliminate all falsehood or falsity. With La Tour as our calling card for this year, we need to focus on the truth and create a solid and fertile ground to grow.

What were our models of the past: 10 swords, Failure

The 10 of swords is the subject of a negative thought pattern. In the past, we allowed ourselves to create habits that diminished us with our repetitive thoughts of negativity. We lived more out of fear than love. This type of thinking will also bring negative energy into our lives. If we make sure that our thoughts are as bright as possible, we will attract goodness and positive energy into our lives. This map wants us to abandon our self-fulfilling negativity and enter the light!

What will work for us in the future: the Cup Ace

The Ace of Cups calls us to connect to our deepest and most sincere desires. What will work for us in the future is to be true to ourselves by honoring the places within us that aspire to be heard. We need to make our most intimate feelings and needs heard. In the energy of the Cup Ace, we will discover our need to give and receive love. It is both romantic and spiritual. In this place, we will not calm our desires and we will give love to every part of ourselves. This card also allows us to accept and love those around us easily, without any shame. It is a place of deep love and acceptance. From this space, dreams can be heard and fulfilled and love flows through us with great depth. It’s a great place to work in 2018.

To sum up: we begin with abundance, we are blocked by the vain, we are guided by the truth, we abandon negativity and we enter the future with love and acceptance.

The maps present a powerful and growing 2018. I wish you only the best and the best!

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