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Time is a tricky concept to unravel, but many of those who have traveled beyond this field and in others have discovered that time does not exist. Time is just an illusion.

Even if things seem to happen in stages, they actually happen simultaneously. Everything that could exist and ever existed is happening now. Right now. We simply cannot perceive it, and we are not supposed to.

In this three-dimensional world, on this third planet of the Sun, we are supposed to see things with a beginning, a middle and an end.

It is an important process on our earthly journey to see things in stages and to see the cause and effect of our actions.

But if time as we know it is actually an illusion, how important does a day like March 3 really matter?

On March 3, 2019, unlocks the numerology code of 333, as it is the third day of the third month of a year number three.

Although the calendar is a human invention, the numbers are born from the Universe. The numbers were not invented, they were observed in the pursuit of understanding the Universe in which we live.

In order to understand the deep meaning of life, space and our earthly existence, we observed nature. Everything in nature follows a mathematical code of order and a sequence.

Looking at the world in this way has allowed us to understand creation and our journey through this story of birth, life and death.

The very first mathematicians and numerologists were intrigued by the number 3 and thought it had a powerful creative potential.

The number 3 represents the material and the ability to express, create and manifest in this 3D world.

The number 3 is the cornerstone of life as we know it. It represents the beginning, the middle and the end. It represents the sum of who we are – a spirit, a body and a soul.

The number 3 represents creativity, it represents communication and external expression, it also represents our highest truth and our inner voice, this orientation that always knows how to appease us and guide us in the right direction.

The symbolism and magic of number 3 are profound and so, on this third day of the third month of the third year, we can tap into this energy and use it as a reminder, as a sign indicating where we are in our journey.

Under the vibration of 333, we can align, create, express and harmonize with the Universe.

We can use this day to share our truth, be creative and bring our ideas and plans to the world.

We can use the energies of the day to reflect on the history of our lives and to make sure that we write the story we want to tell.

We are all co-creators of this journey, and even though we don't always have control over the events that come our way, we have control over how we choose to manage them and how we choose to grow from them.

Just as we grow and develop, so does the Universe. As we grow in consciousness, all life grows and all life benefits from our growth. Mother Earth, rivers, trees, stars, planets, it is our growth, our evolution of consciousness that makes life bloom.

Thus, under the powerful numerology code of 333, we can continue to grow and progress, and be sustained as we align the mind, body and soul.

We can all use this day as a reminder to refocus ourselves and make sure that we use these sacred components of our being as one.

333 is also considered one of the number models that our angels and spiritual guides use to communicate and connect with us. When we frequently see this numerical pattern, it is a sign that our angels are with us and encourage us to express, create and tell our truth.

Digital diagrams are the way the Universe speaks to us, so on a day like March 3, or when we see digital diagrams several times, it's important to stop, be careful and take note of what's happening in the present moment. What are you thinking? How do you feel? What should you learn about?

Under the vibration of this day of 333, check with yourself. Learn about your story, tell your truth and align in the way that challenges you.

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