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According to numerology, 2020 is a year number 4 (2 – 0 – 2 – 0 – 4), a year of end, transformation and karma.

It is a year that we will all be guided to piece together the ends, to put an end to the things that no longer serve us, and to deal with the karmic debts we have acquired over the past nine years.

In numerology, cycles are spread over nine years and to begin the new cycle that will begin next year in 2020, we must work with the vibration of 2019 in order to clear our karmic debts.

In a year number 4, models are often observed, such as the end of relationships, careers or habits and sometimes we can also experience the outcome of the choices we have chosen to make over the past nine years.

In Year 4, we all have the opportunity to reflect on our behaviours and choices of the past and determine whether we want to make changes or continue on the same path.

A year number 4 is the perfect time to put an end to things that hold us back and cause us stress and anxiety.

Because a number 4 year is about ending, it's often not the best time to start something new. Instead, it's time to really evaluate what we've already been working on and focus on the changes or let it go.

Specifically, you can calculate your personal year number to see how the 2020 vibration will affect you in more detail.

To do this, you must use your date of birth and reduce it as if

Example of date of birth: December 29

Reduce numbers to a single digit by adding up the numbers

12 (months) becomes: 1 – 2 – 3

29 (day) becomes: 2 – 9 – 11 and 1 – 1 – 2

Then add these two numbers to get:

3 – 2 – 5

You then want to add this number to 4 (because 2020 is a year 4)

5 – 4 – 9

This gives you a personal number of 9

Basically, you break down your month and day of birth into unique numbers, then add them to 4 in order to get your personal number for 2020.

Meaning of personal year figures for 2020

Number 1: a new opportunity

This year will provide you with a new opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you really want for your future life.

This is the perfect year for you to clarify your dreams, goals and wishes and start laying the foundation for what you want to achieve.

You have the potential to vibrate at a high level this year and really raise your level of consciousness. It's also the perfect year for you to really harness your intuitive abilities and trust your gut feelings.

Because you start a chapter of new beginnings in an end year, you may feel restrained or you may encounter some resistance. Don't let that take you down, trust that roadblocks or setbacks are needed to protect yourself and get you to where you really need to be.

You'll have a lot of energy this year and your creative juices will definitely flow. Use this year to plan, develop a strategy and make decisions. It's time to take charge of your life!

If you connect to the energy of this, you will really get into a new understanding of yourself and your personal power. This is a very strong and solid year for you.

Number 2: trust and patience

Last year, you may have felt like you were pulling on all the cylinders, but this year you'll have to sit back and be patient with what you've already created.

Trust and patience will be two important themes for you this year and you will really have to learn to give up and release control.

Just like when you plant a seed, you have to give it the time, space and space to grow it. You must feed this seed and trust that one day it will rise through the ground and into the light.

It's your metaphor for the year ahead. You are the seed that is preparing to bloom and you must trust the journey and the universal calendar of it all.

Your intuition will also be strong this year and the focus will really be on getting inside and settling what the truth of your soul really is.

You may also feel the need to work on better financial management or to be a better communicator, especially at work.

Resist the desire to feel negative or stuck this year and understand that this is a year to give up and release control so that your soul can harmonize with the energy of the Universe.

Number 3: Create and play

This year, it's about harnessing your creative potential to discover exciting new things about you.

We are all creative beings and this year is the perfect time to explore this creative part of your soul. It is through this process that you will receive the clues or the next step on your way to the goal.

How you choose to tap into your creativity depends on you, but if you've ever thought about joining a course or starting a newspaper, this is definitely the year to do it.

If you are working in a creative industry this year should be thriving with opportunities for you, then definitely stay positive and get out there.

In addition to being a very creative year, it is also the perfect year to meet new people and build new relationships. In fact, the connections you're working on building this year are likely to bear fruit for years to come, so be sure to network.

Because you're going to be so creatively charged this year, it's important not to spread yourself too thin and take root. If you feel dispersed this year, you could benefit from scheduling, developing a plan or just taking a few breaths.

This year is definitely the time to explore your creative side and create joy, play and happiness in your life.

Number 4: Planning and Discipline

It's time to get organized and this year the Universe will certainly guide you to do so.

This year, it's about being practical, getting down to earth and really focusing on where you want to put your time and energy.

It is likely that in previous years you have worked to set your goals and pursue your passions. Now, however, it's time to make your plan a reality and get to work.

Staying grounded, making commitments and being rooted in your intent are all important themes for this year and you could find yourself floundering if you don't have a plan.

It's also a year to really tie the ends and to practically assess whether what you're working on in life really serves your highest good. If you haven't taken responsibility for yourself or your actions in recent years, this year may also wake you up a bit.

Even though this year is hard work, it's not all boring. In fact, it's a great year to accomplish personal accomplishments, achieve your goals and reorganize your life to meet your needs.

It's the perfect time to get proactive, roll up your sleeves and do a complete overhaul of everything you don't need anymore. It can be difficult, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Number 5: Change and Freedom

Want to change? Well this year, your wishes can finally be fulfilled.

This year, it's about making changes that will give you a sense of freedom and allow you to make strong decisions in your life so that you can move forward.

Travel and education can be a strong theme for you this year and if you have the opportunity, you'll certainly enjoy it.

This year can also present you with opportunities to take risks and make decisions based on your instincts rather than rationality. All this is necessary to help you understand yourself and your personal power, especially with regard to your intuition.

Surprising upheavals and changes can also happen this year, but trust what the Universe brings to you and know that everything is needed to get you to where you need to be.

Changes that are happening this year can also help you see the truth and clarify what you need to let go. Sometimes, when things flow, it gives us the opportunity to see them in a different light.

In order to best navigate this year's energy, be confident, stay strong in who you are and face the unexpected. It's definitely a year to drive change rather than control everything.

Number 6: Love and home

This is a year to truly love you and focus on your relationships and your family.

You may find that people are gravitating to you this year to feel comforted, reassured and nourished. This is part of your lesson this year and by giving to others you will also learn to give yourself.

While this year will allow you to harness your potential to love and give to others, it is also a year to honor what you also receive.

If you find yourself exhausted or tied up by others, it may be time to let them go or set much-needed limits.

This year will really teach you the balance between giving and receiving, and you may also need to have close relationships with people who don't respect you.

This year, you may also be interested in your home. Either you will move or you will make the necessary changes to your family life. It is also a good time for you to transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary that reflects your highest vibration.

It's also a great year to buy or sell a house or start a family. In fact, making commitments this year that will make you feel safe, stable and comfortable will be very positive for you.

Number 7: Spiritual Development

It's a year to really go inside and tap into your spiritual self. It's a year to really go inside and work to develop your intuitive and even psychic gifts.

You may feel withdrawn this year or you may need time alone to contemplate and reflect on the past and the future.

With this, you may need to discern what you want to give up and what you want to change or reinvent in your life.

Reflection is definitely needed this year, so channeling energy in a positive way, as through meditation, reading/study and work on metaphysical activities.

This year is the perfect time to get to know you better and to tap into your inner wisdom and your higher self. It is also the perfect time to embrace a more spiritual way of life and to connect with your soul.

Eating well and exercising will also help you get through this year's vibrations, so take the opportunity to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

At the end of this year, you may be presented with a solid intuitive overview of what your next chapter could be on the road to your goal.

Number 8: Recognition and reward

What an incredible year for you! The Universe is ready to offer your generosity from everything you have worked on in recent years.

You've learned everything you need, completed many life and soul lessons, and this year you're going to reap your rewards.

Even though the Universe will bring you many blessings this year, now is not the time to sit back and relax! (Not right away anyway).

This year, you'll need to take matters into your own hands and have confidence in yourself and everything you've accomplished. You know the road you've taken and you know what you need to do. No more procrastination, it's time to put the finishing touches to everything you've accomplished.

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and know that this year you will really benefit from all your hard work.

This is the perfect year to meet in front of the VIPs, to increase his income and to draw on his personal power. In fact, your vibration will be the most powerful this year, so use it to your advantage.

However, great power comes with a great responsibility, so be sure to pay attention to your health and well-being this year.

Number 9: Liberation and transformation

It's time to think about going inside, it's time to wrap all the free ends and clean up the debris of the past to be able to move forward.

It's a year to lose and let go, it's a year to really release everything that no longer serves you and to reflect on your past decisions and actions.

If things fall this year, if relationships end, if jobs end, if things seem to unravel, trust yourself and know that the Universe is simply preparing you to take a new path.

This year, you will benefit greatly from cleaning your space, aura and energy to prepare for a fresh start.

Be gentle with yourself this year and remember that life is only a journey, nothing is eternal and everything is transformed.

Know that you also have a choice and say what you choose to transform in your life, so be clear about what you want the next cycle to look like, and work to erase anything that doesn't vibrate.

It's a powerful year for cleansing and liberation, so trust what's happening to you and know that you're getting ready for a great new start.

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