Numerology and Spiritual Significance of 09/09/2019

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The 9th day of the 9th month of a year 9 (9-9-9) is one of the most powerful days of 2019 according to numerology.

Indeed, the number 9 would represent ends and a time to erase the old so that the new one can emerge.

Number 9 would also represent an increase in universal consciousness and a time when truth and information must be revealed for the greater good.

This theme has passed through the whole year, but on September 9, the energy should be amplified at the opening of the 9-9-9 gateway.

Everything that needs to be erased, everything that needs to be released and abandoned is likely to be brought to our attention during this period. This is also especially true of the fact that September also brings a powerful eclipse cycle.

The most powerful of these eclipses will fall on September 16th and this should really amplify and highlight all that we need to give up to move forward.

Of course, this is not an immediate or sudden process. In fact, it is likely that everything we need to get rid of this year, everything we need to kill or burn, is something we have been dealing with for some time.

September 9 will simply showcase this energy and give us the opportunity to release everything we need to move forward.

This month could also bring new information to the surface, which should help us to go through a situation to determine the facts from fiction.

Because September is a matter of liberation, old fears can also be called into question. If this happens, be sure to act or react in the same old way using the same old limiting thoughts.

Maybe try something different and try to see things from a different perspective. This can help you lose and release everything you need once and for all.

The ends and death of habits, beliefs and ideas can be difficult and even traumatic, but they are necessary for all of us if we are to enter the new vibration or cycle that will begin in 2020.

2020 is a number 4 year and represents the beginning of a new cycle, and if we want to fully embrace and welcome in the new, we must first go out and abandon the old one.

In order to fully understand and appreciate this cycle, we may have to go back to 2010, which was the beginning of this cycle that we are now closing in 2019.

Perhaps think about what you were doing at that time or what events or themes presented themselves to you during this period of your life.

Chances are you will end or end the energy or journey you started during this period.

You may even lose old thoughts, fears and belief systems that may have changed or changed. You can also have a greater awareness of your life and what you want to accomplish.

You can learn more about how the energy of 2019 will affect you by calculating your personal year number for 2019.

9/9/16 is such a powerful and rare numerological configuration that we will not see this energy again for another 9 years.

This means that if there is something you want to publish, if there is something you finally want or officially abandon, the time has come to act.

In fact, with the eclipses and the retrograde cycle of mercury, the Universe really helps us all to come in and find once and for all what we need to release to move forward.

If you carry a heavy layer of burdens, if you are stuck in a cycle of repetitive thoughts, if you sabotage your efforts, take the time to think about letting everything go.

September is an extremely powerful month and you will probably have to do little to really see where you are heading and where the universe can guide you.

The energy of the 9-9-9 gateway will be with us for most of September, so follow the current and see what's happening to you this month.

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