The numerology of January 11, 2019

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One of the first numerically powerful days of 2019 falls on January 11. The numerology code for this day is 1113 and means a time of alignment, inner knowledge and self-healing.

In numerology, the patterns of repeated numbers are considered sacred, because the number would contain a higher vibration. If we break down the numerology code of January 11, we see that the number one is repeated three times.

111 is the code of angels and means the movement between the earthly kingdom and the angelic kingdom. It is a number of healing and divine miracles, it is also a number associated with wishes, dreams and new beginnings.

This powerful code 111 joins number 3, representing alignment with the three elements of who we are – a mind, a body and a soul. The number 3 also represents our true self-expression and our ability to manifest things in this physical world.

Together, these numbers form code 1113 and unite to give us a powerful energy that we can use to our advantage.

On that day, you will be supported to connect to your mind, body and soul, and to bind the three so that they can work together as one.

So often we rush throughout our day, never really stopping to record ourselves and pay attention to how our body feels, or what intuitive emotions or pings persist beneath the surface.

If we stop, place our hand on our hearts, close our eyes and truly listen, we will find that our body contains wisdom, knowledge that is much deeper and deeper than we think.

When we listen to our bodies, we can see that they know things and they can alert us to what we may need to support our optimal well-being.

When we agree on our body, we may experience aches and pains, or the need to drink or eat more, or the need to move more. We can even feel that we have carried tension into a particular area of our body.

This is why we often do not notice aches, pains or persistent thoughts and feelings before he fall asleep. Our minds are so busy and we are so distracted by other things throughout the day, that we tend to only start noticing these things when we are finally ready to relax.

Use the energy of January 11 to connect with your body. Close your eyes, breathe deeply into your stomach and travel to the pit of your stomach. Travel through your arms and legs and connect with yourself.

Imagine a beautiful golden light coming down from the top of your head, smearing your throat, nourishing your heart center, filling your stomach, recharging your legs. See it moving down and down your feet.

Observe this golden light running through your veins and feel it as it covers and surrounds your entire body.

Repeat yourself gently while you do this, "I love you" or another mantra of healing and love. Just keep repeating this phrase at every corner of your body and feel yourself recharging and refueling.

After doing this, pay attention to any intuitive thoughts, feelings or pings you may receive. Our body is wise, and often after a connection in this way, you can begin to notice messages or advice from your higher self or the Universe.

If you feel so inclined, you can also use the energy of January 11 to set a goal or make a wish. This vibration will be at its maximum at 11:11 am/pm and also at 3:33 am/pm.

You can either propose three wishes to send to the Universe, or propose three steps or changes you want to make to your life to help you realize your dreams and wishes.

See how you feel and tune in to the wisdom of your mind, body and soul. Working with the energy of digital vibrations is very individual, so make sure you pay attention to what your own guidance system tells you.

It may also be useful to know that on this day we also have the annual meeting of the Sun and Pluto. This annual event is often the one that brings transformation and healing on its own.

Pluto always helps us reach higher levels of consciousness and has a very powerful vibration, so when it meets the Sun, it is often easier for us to tap into higher realms and see things from our higher self.

It's interesting to note that this special event coincides with such a powerful numerology code, so stay open and see which areas of your life are going to change when you really log in and listen.

January 11th reminds us all to be careful, to really listen to our bodies and to remember that they carry their own intelligence.

By tuning and aligning our body, mind and soul, we can find fullness and support ourselves to our full potential as we travel through life.

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