September Numerology: A Month of Power

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September is considered a month of power in numerology as it holds the vibration of the number 9.

9 is a powerful number of creations and represents completeness, completion and purposes.

In fact, Nikola Tesla said, "If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe."

In September, we also feel the weight and lessons of our personal year number. Indeed, September is the only month of the year when our personal year number will be the same as our personal month number.

Essentially, it means that the energies of September help you face the lessons, gifts and challenges you are destined to go through this year based on your personal numerology.

This is how you can start to close things up to prepare for the new lessons that the new year will bring.

You can calculate your personal year number here and read what it means, but here's some more information about your personal numerology for September-

Personal year number 1
This has certainly been a year of new beginnings and changes for you and it is likely that your life has taken a completely new direction. This is a year when you really let your originality and your true self shine, and it's important not to back down now. Continue to trust your instincts and don't be tempted to follow the crowd. You may have had to do a conscience test this year, but September is likely to bring more information to the surface. Continue to take small steps forward on the path that makes you feel good and you will progress. September will be a good month for your career, so aim high.

Personal year number 2
It has been a year of duality for you. Maybe you've felt confused about what you want, or maybe you've been looking for a partner in life or in business. If you're looking to meet someone special or even forge new friendships, this would be the perfect month to implement all your plans. It will be a very social month for you and it is likely that you will be able to make important links if you get involved and log in. If you've felt pulled in many directions this year, especially when it comes to love or relationships, this would also be the perfect time to slow things down and go inside to find what you really want.

Personal year number 3
You are called upon to truly learn to express yourself and communicate clearly your thoughts and ideas. If there was something on your chest or repressed emotions, this would be the perfect time to work to release them. The energies of September will really help you let things go and eliminate all the old emotions that no longer serve you. It's also a very creative month and the perfect time to start new projects or move on with your career. If you felt the need to travel or even retire somewhere, this would also be the perfect time to implement some plans.

Personal year number
4 This is a year to conclude the lost ends, especially when it comes to issues within the home and family. September can be the perfect month to heal old family wounds or to create healthy boundaries if you feel you are enjoying them. It's also a good time to organize your home environment and manage any maintenance or repair that requires assistance. It is likely that this year has brought a lot of changes for you and this month's energy will really guide you to deal with all the persistent emotions, especially with regard to your family or your childhood. September is also a great time to decorate or redevelop your home so that you can bring a more loving and peaceful energy.

Personal year number 5
Many of your attitudes or beliefs may have changed this year and you may still be figuring out what to do next. September is a very creative month for you and the perfect time to go off the beaten track and do things a little differently. In fact, sometimes disrupting your routine or finding a new way of doing things can make you learn new things and see things in a new light. Your perception is heightened this month, so keep an open mind and see what happens there. Meditation, journalism or even creative activities would be beneficial this month and help you channel any excess or stagnant energy. September can also bring a new love into your life, so if you want to meet someone, definitely get out there.

Personal year number 6
It has been a year of rest and rejuvenation for you. If problems with your well-being have arisen, this may be a sign that you need to slow down and reassess your intentions before moving forward. Even though there are a lot of "changes" in the air, this is really the time for you to reflect and appreciate what you currently have in your life. Give yourself permission to sit down and enjoy the flow and direction of your life. If there have been challenges for you this year, don't be in a hurry to get it all right away. Instead, try to relax and give up, because things will have a way of getting things sorted out in time. September is also the perfect month to do things for your mind, body and mind, such as energy healing practices, meditation or yoga, etc.

Personal year number 7
It's been an energetic year for you and it's likely you've been very busy! If you are looking to progress in your career, September would be a good month to make your projects a reality. It would also be a good time to look for a new job if you are looking for a change. You may also have experienced a spiritual awakening of some sort this year and the energy of September can underline it for you. You may feel very sensitive or even discover that you have living dreams or intuitive intuitions. While your outdoor life has been busy, also make sure you take the time to go inside and also take care of your inner needs.

Personal year number 8
This year has been very important to you and it is likely that you have gained a new understanding of your power and potential. You may have discovered new talents or even gained a better understanding of how far you want to go. September is a wonderful month to learn new things and continue to possess your personal power. If something bothers you, this is the perfect time to defend yourself and make your opinions heard. A great power comes with a great responsibility. You may even find that you need to start creating boundaries or taking ownership of your life in a whole new way. September is also a good time to get your finances in order.

Personal year number 9
It has been a rollercoaster year for you, on the one hand you are called upon to welcome in the new, but on the other hand, you have been asked to eliminate the old one! This duality has most likely been confusing at times and you may not even be sure what comes or goes! September can provide more of that energy, but things will improve. When you feel like life is pulling you in all directions, the best thing to do is to find your composure and believe that you will be led in the right direction. This month, try to give up control or stress and worry for the future, and give up on the present moment. Focus on the here and now and focus on small steps forward. Things will be clearer with time, in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Note: This article was originally published in September 2017 but has been updated for 2019.

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