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I tend to see patterns of numbers quite frequently like 11:11, 4:44 and so on. But lately I've also started to see 12:12, which is definitely a new one for me, so it caught my attention.

Digital diagrams have their own unique meaning and although there are classical interpretations, I also think that digital diagrams can be unique to the person and his or her own journey.

So when I started seeing 12:12, I tried to tap into my own intuition to see what it could mean to me. Perhaps this was a sign of something new to come in my life? While it resonated with me, I also wanted to investigate further.

The first information I found came from the Willow Soul website.

"According to Merkabah's mysticism, 12:12 is a code portal that, when you resonate with it, activates your Merkabic field. When this happens, you are in alignment with the human heart connecting to the Consciousness of Unity. »

Now, it really caught my attention, so I did more research.

Merkaba (also spelled Merkabah) is our "light spiritual body" and is an energetic field that surrounds us when we are connected to a higher state of consciousness. This energy field forms the shape of a star tetrahedron and it is thought that this formation of energy allows our luminous body to travel to higher dimensions.


The star tetrahedron is composed of two pyramids, one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards. The upward pyramid helps you connect to the sky, while the downward pyramid helps you stay anchored in the physical. These pyramidal shapes also vibrate and move in opposite directions.

When this rotating Merkaba force field is observed around a person, it is thought that they have activated the ability to travel through different dimensions. This is why the shape of the Merkaba has been called tank or mode of transport for our light body.

It is thought that 1212 is the code that can help activate this energy, so if you see the 1212, it could very well be a sign that your light body is developing and that you are raising your level of consciousness to a point where you can perceive outside of physical reality.

Even though 1212 has entered my consciousness, I can't say I feel different! Maybe not yet anyway. But seeing this number model has unlocked many new perspectives.

Even though it seems that we live in a 3D world, when we wake up, we really begin to see that life is simply a reflection of the energy of thought of every conscious being on the planet.

Collectively, all our thoughts shape the world and the reality in which we live. But we each have a responsibility on our own thoughts, because it is our own thoughts that will shape our experience of what reality is.

If our thoughts shape our experience of reality, it also means that we can use our thoughts to access other realities and unlock other states of being.

It's almost like dreaming. Every night, when we are deeply asleep, a part of us "travels" and visits certain people and places and experiences certain things. While we're dreaming, everything seems real.

In the same way that we travel in our dreams, our luminous bodies can also travel to higher states of consciousness in order to see the world differently and to experience a different type of reality.

The fact that our thoughts create reality is not new, but there seems to be a lot of ego mixed in this idea, which is why this idea has lost some of its power.

It is not a question of wishing for a car and then seeing it come out. Rather, it is a matter of aligning our thoughts with our inner self, our higher self, our true self.

When we can align our thoughts with our own personal truth, this is when we can raise our level of consciousness and feel in tune with the destiny of our soul.

This state of being is accessible to those who have woken up, but it can be difficult to stay in this state all the time. This is why the Merkaba is composed of two pyramids pointing in opposite directions. Part of our duty here on earth is to say grounded and connected, but of course we don't want to get stuck here.

Because 1212 is supposed to be the code that activates the Merkaba, on 12/12 each year, it is thought that a portal is opening to help accelerate the formation of this energy field.

Once this energy field exists around you, it is able to elevate your bright body to higher levels of consciousness, so that you can align yourself with unity and unity, and see that we are all connected.

I'm sure there's a lot more at Merkaba, and I can't wait to explore it and feel a little more. If you found this article, chances are your Merkaba will also form.

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