November 2018 Numerology and Spiritual Significance

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November is always a special month as it contains the vibration of the number 11. In numerology, the 11th is a master number that is associated with the higher realms, divinity and spiritual awakenings.

This powerful energy that is believed held in the number 11 is what makes this month so special, especially when it comes to tapping into your spirituality.

In many ancient cultures, the transition from October to November was also considered a period when the veil between the living and the dead was thinnest. It is a cultural belief that has been observed in many corners of the ancient world, from the Aztec era to the Celtic era.

Numbers have always had meaning and importance when it comes to understanding the Universe and how it was created. When you look deeper, there is often a sacred geometry, or a set of patterns of repetitive numbers in all the creations on this Earth.

By studying and giving these figures, the numerologists were able to discover the secrets behind each issue and what they can mean.

From a spiritual point of view, 11 has always been a number associated with higher realms. Even the number itself looks like two pillars or two portals – this world and the next.

Throughout November, we can tap into this higher vibration and access the divine realms with greater ease. We can find more progress when we meditate and take steps to improve our level of consciousness.

This is further amplified in 2018, as this year also holds the vibration of the number 11. This adds to the power and gives this month a slightly different flavor.

In fact, the two most important and remarkable days of the month are November 1 and November 11.

November 1
The numerological code for this day is 11111. This is a very creative day that indicates great power and potential to manifest and create your wildest dreams. It is a day when our thoughts have accelerated power and we can even see our thoughts manifest in real time.

Our thoughts color and shape the world around us, but on this day, if we truly regulate our thoughts on a higher vibration, we can improve our ability to manifest our greatest dreams and desires.

On this day, spend time visualizing what you want. Create a vision board or define an intention in the Universe. Don't forget to practice gratitude, because it is the quickest way to connect us to abundance and our ability to manifest our thoughts in reality.

November 1st is also an extremely powerful day to honor the spirit world and connect with spiritual guides and angels. Any action taken that day to connect to the other side is likely to be powerful.

There are many ways to connect to the other side, such as meditation, autowriting, crystal reading, pendulum use, tarot/oracle card readings, etc.

November 11
The numerological code for this day is 111111 and amplifies the energy of November 1st to a whole new level. This day is also wonderful for manifesting, establishing intentions and connecting with the spirit world, but it is also an extremely powerful day for healing.

On this day, we truly have the potential to heal our body, mind, heart and soul at every level. Any targeted effort to bring healing into our lives will be amplified, and we will probably feel the effects on a deeper level.

This healing energy can manifest itself on an emotional, physical or spiritual level, so give yourself what your body needs and take steps to bring healing to all areas of your life.

You can do this by meditating, starting a healthy lifestyle, writing, preparing your own tonics/plant-based teas, eating properly and simply listening to the messages your body may be trying to send you.

It really is a powerful day to give yourself to the well-being of your body and take steps to nourish, recharge and replenish your soul.

If you feel tired, exhausted, stressed, this is the perfect day to change things and take the time to love and take care of yourself.

November is truly a powerful month that you can use to your advantage. Here are some other interesting days digitally:

November 4 (41111): Day of connection with angels/ higher bei
ngs November 7: (71111): Day of connection with higher levels of consc
iousness November 9 (91111): Day to bring light to the darkest areas of your life/day to activate the energies of light workers November 1
0 (101111): day for new beginnings 19 November (
101111): vibration similar to 10 November 29 Nov
ember (111111): vibration similar to 11 November

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