Sign of the Lion Zodiac

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This extravagant-looking individual dressed from head to toe with high-fashion clothing and accessories with long, wavy hair is more than likely a Lion. Women born under this sign are divas, while men can be considered modern kings.

Lions have a strong sense of self-esteem and self-esteem. Even the most timid tend to make their voices heard and they are not content with less than they think they deserve.

Lions, like Aries, are naturally born leaders. When they express their opinion, they tend to be completely accurate and fair.

Anyone born Lion will be courageous, intuitive and willing. However, they are extremely generous and loving.

The Lion makes an incredible friend because of his generous and loving nature. Although a little authoritarian, the Leo man or woman knows exactly how to do something with grace and precision.

Their nature is generally gregarious and kind. Their self-esteem is what makes them as successful as they are, as well as their natural talents in the arts.

Many Lions are either political leaders or even actors. They have a flair for drama and succeed in both professions.

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