Sign of the Zodiac Cancer

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Cancer is a highly emotional and intuitive sign. People born under the sign of cancer are incredibly caring, friendly and kind.

Many people are attracted to the man or woman from cancer because of their natural regard for others as well as their hilarious sense of humor. For this reason, cancers tend to have many friends.

As part of their emotional nature, cancer can bottle things up if they feel it will hurt the other person involved. However, they are much more likely to express their emotions to a trusted friend who understands their situation.

Another common element of Cancer is their love and appreciation for the arts. Because of their emotional energy, engaging in artistic activities helps a man or woman with cancer express what they feel, whether through dance, painting or music.

Because the moon is the rule of this zodiac sign – and the moon controls the bodies of water, of which we are almost entirely constituted – Cancer tends to become in a bad mood at times. They will hide their emotions to the best of their abilities so as not to disturb others.

Your Cancer friend may need time to retire to his own personal space, but once he's done, he'll be the best friend you can count on. They give their hearts and minds to their friends and always provide words of inspiration.

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