Sign of the Virgin Zodiac

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A virgin man or woman may seem a little shy or quiet at first. However, if you get to know them better, the Virgin of your life will open up and share her brilliant ideas.

Virgins tend to have a quick but precise mind that gives them a cool and practical sense of humor. Speaking of practicality, the Virgins are very realistic and in contact with the world around them.

A Virgin will have an unparalleled analytical ability, which makes them excellent as accountants or any other profession that involves attention to detail. Because they have an incredible ability to find small details that very few would be able to detect, they are very effective in any detail-driven profession.

Because of their keen analytical eye, the Virgins are sometimes a little critical. They may be critical of themselves or even others, but it is often preferable to make substantial personal improvements.

The Virgins are faithful in love. You probably won't find a more faithful sign of personal relationships than the Virgin.

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