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Just as you have an astrological solar sign, you also have a numerological solar number. This solar number indicates the nucleus of who you are and can help paint a picture of what your soul has come to accomplish.

The sun numbers range from 1 to 9 and each hold a particular vibration and energy that are intended to guide you on your journey.

Even if your sun number is only part of the image, you can use it with your solar sign and life path number to get a more complete picture of your energy nature, strength and weaknesses.

Here's how to calculate your sun number:
Take your date of birth, for example – December 29

Add the month (12) to the date (29) – 41

Then break it down into a single digit, so 4-1-5

This gives you the Sun number of 5

(Keep adding up the numbers to get a single number, for example if you get 12, keep breaking it down again 1-2-3)

Here's what your sun number means:
Sun number 1
Number 1 holds the vibration of leadership and ambition, it is also one of the most creative numbers and symbolizes the planting of this first seed.

The number one energy is independent, determined, original and very ambitious. The number 1 energy can also be arrogant, stubborn or self-centered when it is not in check.

Those with the Sun number of 1 are driven to start new projects and spread new ideas around the world. They are also naturally born leaders who have the ability to take a creative idea and make it happen.

Numbers 1 can often be easily hijacked and eager to start the next project before completing their first project. For this reason, number 1 must learn to work with others and find people who will help them ensure the sustainability of their projects.

In love and relationships, Number 1s are quick to fall in love but also fall in love. Their biggest lesson is to learn to open their hearts to others and learn to put others before themselves.

Energy number 1 is closely related to the astrological signs of Aries and The Lion and the energy of the Sun.

Sun number 2
Number 2 contains the vibration of harmony, unity, compassion and healing. If energy number 1 symbolizes the planting of the first seed, energy number 2 symbolizes the care and nutrition of this seed so that it can bloom in a healthy flower.

When not in balance, energy number 2 can be expressed as being too dependent on others, manipulative and even passively aggressive.

Those who have Sun number 2 must learn to express their truth and release their emotions. They must also learn to take care of themselves as much as they take care of others.

Numbers 2 are often naturally empathetic and very intuitive. They are often sensitive to energy and can instantly understand how another person feels.

Number 2 thrives in relationships as long as it does not compromise one's own beliefs or health and well-being. They are also excellent mediators and work well with other people or for others.

Energy number 2 is closely related to the astrological sign of Cancer and the energy of the Moon.

Sun number 3
Number 3 holds the vibration of adventure, play and learning. Energy number 3 is often very social and is extremely curious about life and different cultures.

If energy number 2 symbolizes the care of the flower, energy number 3 symbolizes the blossoming flower that opens its eyes to the world for the first time. Energy number 3 symbolizes excitement, wonder, fear and the need to express everything she sees, hears and lives.

Energy number 3 is very sociable, friendly and outgoing and those with sun number 3 often have very large social circles.

When not in balance, energy number 3 can manifest itself as too forgiving, dispersed and even superficial. It is important that Energy Number 3 also learn to become more grounded and responsible.

Numbers 3 are easily distracted and annoyed and need to be mentally stimulated. They never stop learning and are always looking for new information or ideas. They are also very open-minded and naturally attracted by the understanding of the spirit world.

In relationships, energy number 3 is very open to all types of things and experiences. To feel satisfied with a relationship, those with energy number 3 need their space and freedom. When they are released, they are faithful lovers.

Energy number 3 is closely related to the astrological sign of Sagittarius and the energy of the planet Jupiter.

Sun number 4
Number 4 holds the vibration of balance, dedication and reliability. If energy number 3 is the flower that opens its eyes to the world for the first time, energy number 4 symbolizes the flower that goes to work to fulfill its goal.

Number 4 is committed to solving problems and is extremely disciplined, especially when it comes to achieving goals. However, when not in balance, energy number 4 can manifest as stubborn, anxious or cramped.

Energy number 4 is motivated to create a life of stability, but part of their lesson is to learn to follow the current and accept the changes that life brings. When they are too planned, energy number 4 may feel disappointed and even blocked.

Those who have the Sun Number of 4 take advantage of it when they think outside the box and have big dreams and want to go after it. They are also naturally attracted to technology and revolutionary ideas.

In relationships, Number 4s are extremely loyal and seek to find a partner who can bring them comfort and stability. They work well with others and are often extremely family oriented.

Energy number 4 is closely related to the astrological sign of Aquarius and the energy of Uranus.

Sun number 5
Number 5 holds the vibration of creativity, change and intellect. Energy number 5 is extremely adaptive and can be transformed to adapt and adapt to any situation.

If energy number 4 symbolizes the flower at work, energy number 5 symbolizes the creative ideas and inspirations that follow. Energy number 5 also symbolizes changes from one goal to another.

When energy number 5 is not in balance, it can manifest itself in a lack of commitment, scattered energy, anxious thinking, excessive reflection and a lack of confidence.

The number 5 energy thrives with change and seeks transformative experiences to grow, learn and grow. They require a lot of mental stimulation and do well when juggling multiple projects at once.

In relationships, numbers 5 are very adaptable and friendly. Their partner must be their best friend and they also need their freedom to express their individuality.

Energy number 5 is closely related to the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo and the energy of Mercury.

Sun number 6
The number 6 energy is stable, balanced and very centered. If number 5 symbolizes creative ideas, number 6 symbolizes how these creative ideas manifest themselves in reality.

When balanced, Energy Number 6 is compassionate, trustworthy, hard-working and attracted to everything related to health and fitness. However, when unbalanced, energy number 6 may seem overworked, physically ill, stuck or refused to change, and jealous of the success of others.

Those with a sun count of 6 have the ability to take their ideas and turn them into realities. They are extremely creative and hard-working, which allows them to create empires.

Often, those born with energy number 6 are naturally gifted for entrepreneurship and also take a mind-body approach to living.

Energy number 6 likes to be in partnership with others both romantically and in business. In relationships in particular, number 6 must feel deeply attached to its partners. Although they may be slow to warm up in their relationships, they are extremely loyal and dedicated once they are committed. Sometimes they can be controlling and jealous, so they must also be aware of this in their relationships.

Energy number 6 is closely related to the astrological signs of Taurus and Libra and the energy of Venus.

Sun number 7
Number 7 contains the vibration of spirituality, deep reflection, emotions and intuition. If energy number 6 represents the transformation of creative ideas into reality, energy number 7 represents the deep meaning behind these realities. In many ways, energy number 7 is divine intelligence that we cannot see, but we know it is there.

When unbalanced, energy number 7 can be very sensitive, distant, dispersed or disconnected from reality. Energy number 7 can also be manipulative and attracted by obsessive behaviour or addictions.

Those who have sun number 7 are very gifted in terms of their intuition and are naturally attracted to the heart. The number 7 energy is very creative but also dreamy. It is this dreamy quality that allows them to create art, music and immerse themselves in the hidden realms.

Number 7 may sometimes have difficulty integrating or accepting reality and may have difficulty dealing with "human responsibilities." To counter this, number 7 should always follow his intuition and make decisions from there.

In relationships, number 7 must be with someone who can go into the hidden and deep areas of life. They also need someone who will accept and appreciate their emotional sensitivity. In general, number 7 is extremely faithful but can also be too needy or idealistic when it comes to love.

Energy number 7 is closely related to the astrological sign of Pisces and neptune's energy.

Sun number 8
Number 8 holds the energy of success, strength and authority. They are very practical and are particularly motivated in their careers. If number 7 represents divine intelligence, number 8 represents the mental intelligence and power of our conscious mind.

When not in balance, energy number 8 can manifest itself as tense or tense, materialistic or controlling. It can also manifest itself as being too ego-oriented and disconnected from the heart.

Those with the Sun number of 8 are destined to succeed in their careers and are very successful in climbing the corporate ladder. They are very brave and not afraid to take risks, they are also excellent in negotiating or rotating facts to get their message across.

Energy number 8 is also extremely conscientious and makes it a duty to reflect on the thoughts and feelings of all those involved without getting emotionally attached. While this may make them look cold to others, this gift allows them to finish the work they need.

In relationships, the energy of number 8 is extremely faithful and must be with a very committed and dedicated partner. Energy number 8 is also very career oriented, so they need to be aware of how they balance their time and energy.

Energy number 8 is closely related to the astrological signs of Capricorn and Aquarius and the planet Saturn.

Sun number 9
The number 9 energy is friendly, philosophical and extremely open-minded. Number 9 is motivated to teach, heal and get involved in humanitarian activities.

If number 7 symbolizes divine intelligence and number 8 symbolizes mental intelligence, number 9 represents these two combined intelligences. It represents complete being or completion.

When not in balance, energy number 9 can manifest itself as careless, restless and moody. Energy number 9 can also suffer from exhaustion if it does not practice self-esteem and keeps reconnecting.

Those born with Sun number 9 are often here to teach or pass on some wisdom to the world. They also naturally gravitate towards learning, reading and studying the deeper philosophies of life.

In relationships, numbers 9 are donors and like to make the other person feel good and comfortable. They are also very friendly and in tune with the emotions of others. They can be emotional, so focusing on effective communication is important for number 9.

Energy number 9 is closely related to the astrological signs of Aries and Scorpio and the energy of Mars.

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