Numerology: Discover your pet's destiny number

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Did you know that your pet can benefit from the insightful life advice of numerology?

Spelling the letters in the name of our pet gives us the opportunity to learn more about what lies behind the mysterious eyes of our cats or the playful bark of our dogs.

The Destiny number in numerology is an aspect of your numerology chart that allows you to see more deeply what life has in store for you. It can show you what's on the horizon and what role you're supposed to play.

Get to know your pet's fate with this helpful guide!

How to calculate your pet's fate
The fate number is calculated using the letters of your pet's name, each letter corresponding to a numerical value. Use the examples and the table below to find out what the numbers for each letter are as to. Each letter of the animal's name is added until you reach a single digit.

Number table:

Fate number

Example 1:
3 – 9 – 3 – 7 – 22
2 – 2 – 4
In this case, the fate number of your pet is 4.

Example 2:
7 – 6 – 3 – 3 – 7 – 26
2 – 6 – 8

Polly's fate number is 8.

Do you see how each letter of the name corresponds to a particular number? You can insert any name into the graph. Now that we've figured out how to calculate the number, read on to understand what each one means to your pet!

What each number means for your pet:
Number 1

A Destiny number of 1 for your pet means that it is very dedicated to you. They're loyal and by your side when it counts. Sometimes they can be a little selfish, doing what they can to get the cuddly attention they desire.

Number 2

If your pet has a Destiny Number of 2, it means that he is a very calm and serene animal. They have found their way into your life to bring balance and harmony. Your furious friend is an assistant and perhaps a very favorable part of your life.

Number 3

A Destiny number of 3 implies that your pet is very social. They probably want to play all the time and have a hard time sitting! You can find your pet in malicious situations. They are in your life to remind you to remember to laugh and have fun!

Number 4

With a Destiny number of 4, your pet is probably very shy. They are likely to hide under the sofa when you have visitors. Your Destiny Number 4 pet probably brings out a nurturing side of you. They found their way into your life because they knew you needed something to take care of yourself and take care of your carer.

Number 5

If your pet has a Destiny Number of 5, it is very intuitive. They apparently know when you need comfort and love. Sometimes your pet may be looking for excessive attention; because they may require a little maintenance. Destiny Number 5 pets can be in a bad mood, so watch out for their changing personalities!

Number 6

Your Destiny Number 6 pet is reliable and loyal. A furious friend with this Destiny Number wants to go everywhere with you. They won't mind commuting, taking walks and seeing the outdoors. A pet with this number likes to be with other animal friends. They have found their way into your life to help you feel friendship and affection.

Number 7

A Destiny number of 7 for your pet means it is very evolved, almost human. Your pet always seems to know what's going on around them. They have a keen sense of perception. Your Destiny Number 7 pet is in your life helping you feel more connected to the spiritual and
natural world.

Number 8

If your pet has a Destiny Number of 8, it can be extremely energetic! They will often require a lot of exercise. A Destiny number of 8 also implies that your pet has a huge, endless appetite! Your pet is in your life to bring you vitality, energy and playfulness.

Number 9

The Destiny Number 9 animal often has a lot of courage. They are very protective of you, intervening if you seem threatened. This numerology number indicates that your pet is in your life because you had to develop a deep and loyal bond with another living creature.

Our pet's fate numbers are very useful tools to better understand our furry babies. They found their way into our lives for a reason! Pets can provide us with affection, love and care and we can provide them with the same in return.

You can also calculate your fate number using the same method to see how you and your pet match you! Maybe you'll get the same number and you'll know you found yourself for a reason.

Does your pet's behavior match its numerology fate number?

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