Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio

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The sign of the Scorpio is characterized by its sex appeal and its ability to see through deception. A Scorpio is practically a human lie detector.

Scorpions are intelligent, sharp and sarcastic. There is no secret to hiding from a Scorpio, because they already know the ones you hold deep inside you.

Passionate and strategic, Scorpios will ensure that all the work it undertakes is done. You can always count on a Scorpio to do the hard work, especially if it involves detective work of any kind.

Your friend Scorpio will be one of the best, providing valuable information and unparalleled advice. However, if you make a Scorpio angry, you'd better back off.

Scorpio's sting is not the type to play, so it's in your best interest to be as nice and accommodating with a Scorpio as possible.

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