Sign of the Capricorn Zodiac

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Capricorns are strategic, practical and realistic. They make excellent comrades if you need a bit of grounding.

A Capricorn man or woman might have a sarcastic or dry humor, which might make you wonder if they are serious or funny. Capricorns are exceptionally qualified to perfect the art of land activities, making them wonderful bosses or managers.

At the bottom of Capricorn is a truly sensitive soul. Capricorns like to act their exterior, but are actually very sensitive inside. If you hurt a Capricorn, he will never forget.

Capricorns are known as humanitarians, and with their money that they have saved intelligently, they will more than likely use it to support a charity. Capricorns are smart, savvy and good with money.

It would be advantageous for anyone to have a Capricorn in his life.

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