Esoteric Books

Because the first source of knowledge can be found in books, discover here our favorite books on the theme of esotericism in all its forms.

The Book of the Dead of Egyptian Ancients

In the Book of the Dead of the Ancient Egyptians, Egyptologist and scholar Grégoire Kolpaktchy introduces us to a text more than 4,000 years old, which can be considered the "Bible of ancient Egypt." Written in time immemorial, this book was used to guide the deceased into the afterlife. For the initiates of ancient Egypt, holders of an initiation and magical science, physical death was only the beginning of a series of metamorphoses of consciousness. Incantatory, allegorical and magnificent, the Book of the Dead of the ancient Egyptians introduces us to the mysteries of life and death and takes us into the fascinating world of Egyptian civilization.

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The Little Book of Symbols

Why is the bee an emblem of immortality? How did the lamb become the symbol of Jesus? What does the snail shell mean? What does the hand symbolize? What is ruby the pledge? Where does the sanctity of mistletoe come from? Who is the sunflower associated with? What is the meaning of sapphire? This small album illustrated with beautiful chromos lists and explains 80 esoteric, magical or mystical symbols.

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The Pendule: Introductory booklet

The pendulum, a dowsing tool, is used for many applications in the field of esoteric, energy and vision. This small booklet is an ideal medium to start with: precise, concise, practical, it allows you to access basic information without drowning under a flood of complex elements. Specially designed for beginners, it will guide you on the choice of the pendulum, its handling, its daily use and its maintenance. A few plates of dowsing complete these elements for an easy start.

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The Code

After its huge success in Germany, The Code is finally published in France! This book will introduce you to an ancestral knowledge known to the farmers of the Tyrol mountains for hundreds of years. More than a treaty of numerology, the Code is the means of analyzing one's date of birth and learning from it to live better and healthier lives. Each number of your date of birth has meaning and characteristics affecting your skills, personality and relationship life. Put together, these numbers form a code, a bit like 521st you have a safe that you alone can open. By combining your date of birth with a number of colors (blue, green, red, white and yellow), you will see the emergence of a wheel called Signature, from which you will learn to find balance and harmony. The Code produces staggering results, whether it is choosing a career based on real but hidden talents, improving relationships with others, choosing effective methods of care, or accessing physical and mental well-being. This book will reveal an ancestral tradition that has not taken a wrinkle!

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The Tarot Way

Alexandro Jodorowsky, multifaceted artist – filmmaker, actor, playwright, visionary author… – and innovative psychotherapist, has been on the tarot path for the past thirty years. A deck of cards of twenty-two major arcana and fifty-six minor arcana, the tarot travels through cultures and centuries since the Middle Ages. Although it is often used as a divinatory art, it is above all a fabulous instrument of self-knowledge and a representation of the structure of the soul. By drawing the cards, the one who questions the tarot is confronted with his inner state and guided in the exploration of his own depth. An inexhaustible source of symbols, The Tarot Way is an invitation to spiritual adventure and a tool for interpreting everyday life.

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